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Independent instructor Arthur G listed himself on Maison Sport back in December 2016 when the website was first launched. Since then he’s been a stalwart of the platform, and has seen the business evolve to what it is today. 

He started skiing in Chamonix when he was only 3 years old. It didn’t take him long before he started competing in small races and quickly moved on to participate in a few FIS races too, until the age of 16. Once he decided to stop racing, he chose to become a certified ski instructor and has been teaching ever since, and is now in his 24th year!

Skiing has allowed Arthur to travel the world, he says “Skiing is my life, we try to always push more in the mountains and in different places”. He’s been all around Europe, during the hot European summers he goes to Chile to keep teaching, and in recent years he has also travelled to Pakistan. Together with the charity “Zom Connection” he travels to Pakistan every year with tons of skiing and safety equipment and they teach local kids how to use it and how to ski. Skiing clearly has allowed Arthur to be everywhere but this also means he has a very busy calendar and is only available for specific periods of time in specific places. 

Working with the Maison Sport platform gives Arthur the possibility to have complete control over his availability, and maximise his income when he is teaching. Working for a ski school would limit his hourly rate, whilst working independently means he can charge up to €100 during peak weeks, ensuring he makes the same money across the season, but by working fewer hours. 

This extra time he has free he can spend travelling. It only takes him a few minutes to organise his calendar for the entire season, and decide when he wants to start working in Chamonix, he can block out the days when he’ll be in Pakistan, ensuring he won’t get any bookings those two weeks and won’t have to disappoint customers by cancelling. If he wants to take a day to go off-piste with friends and to take pictures and create content he can block it out in advance and the day is his.