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Most independent instructors struggle to run ski school style groups throughout the winter, so are unable to benefit from the earnings boost these lessons provide, until now. Our platform now enables you to sell group ski lessons for children and adults and it only takes a couple of minutes to set up!

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Creating your group

By navigating to your user area, you will find the tab “group lessons” in the menu bar, from here you can set up a standard product for children’s and adult’s groups lessons.

You can decide the following:

  • Name of product – think of something cool to stand out…
  • Your timeslots – start time and hours per day
  • What day of the week you wish the course to start
  • How many days you would like the course to run
  • Price per person
  • Age range accepted
  • Group size
  • Resort and meeting point

Once you have clicked create group, you will find a summary of the product on the “group lessons summary page”. It is possible to go in and edit these details at any time.

Receiving a booking – There are 2 ways to receive a group booking on Maison Sport, “Request to book” or “Instant book”.

Request to book; The product you have just created is now live and a customer will be able to find your group lesson via a search, providing you are available and request to book you. Just like a private lesson you will receive a booking request that you can either, accept, if it’s a good booking, or decline if it doesn’t quite fit your schedule.

As usual if you accept the booking, payment will be taken from the client and your group will be opened. The details will be displayed on the group lesson summary page and the remaining spots in your group (if you have any), will now be available for instant book!

You can tell this by looking at the groups that are “Open” on the lessons summary page.

Instant book – What is it?… this is a group lesson the customer can book into without sending a request. Pretty simple for the customer who knows what they want.

If you have accepted a request to book group, you are now visible as an ‘instant book’ to searching customers if the criteria and levels fit. They can now book the remaining spots in the group without sending you a request. This will happen automatically.

However, if you’re confident demand is there for group lessons (*SCHOOL HOLIDAYS*) then set your instant book group up choosing the level and dates, sit back and let customers book you up. Even easier.

We like simple, so instant book groups are prioritised in our search results so if you are happy to run groups, make them “instant book” and increase your chances of getting customers.

As customers fill your group lesson we would also encourage you to contact the clients via the messaging system, good communication means your group will run smoother!

Why group lessons can transform your season…

On average private lessons earn you around €70 per hour, whereas the hourly rate from running a group lesson can work out to be €120 per hour, almost doubling your hourly rate.

The great thing about the ‘request to book’ group functionality is that it enables you to offer customers both private lessons and group lessons, for the same dates. This increase the chances of receiving good bookings, during off peak weeks and gives you the opportunity to run a high paying group, if you get the chance.

Remember – groups can fill your weeks with lots of hours and pay you more money for those hours, even if they aren’t 100% full they may still match your private hourly rate.

How can I be sure I will fill the group/s?

Although we can’t guarantee full groups, we know that a huge portion of customers booking ski lessons would like group lessons as opposed to privates. Our data suggests that filling groups during peak periods won’t be a problem.

If you’re keen to try something new or would just like to meet more clients and increase your earnings, then we recommend setting up your standard groups. Try opening an instant book group for a busy period and see how it goes! 

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