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Hiring the right skis can make a big difference to your holiday, as it can have a huge impact on how much you enjoy your skiing. Conditions can vary daily and different skis perform better than others depending on the conditions. Most skiers have a preference on where they ski (off piste/on piste) and the size and shape of their turn, some prefer short skidy turns, others prefer long, fast, carvy turns. 

Dont go too wide

Most skiers stick to groomed pisted runs, so careful you don’t rent skis that are really wide, anything over 90mm under foot. More and more skiers seem to be leaning towards hiring “all mountain skis”, but whilst a wide ski underfoot makes off piste far easier, it doesn’t help you on a nicely groomed piste. Many inexperienced skiers dont realise that a ski that is wider underfoot will be less responsive, making it harder to turn! With this in mind, our advice to beginners and intermediates, is to rent skis that are described as ‘piste skis’, as these will be much better suited to your needs and help you progess at a quicker rate. 

Dont be afraid to change mid week

Many rental shops will be flexible and let you change skis mid-week, so if the conditions are changing, swap from ‘piste skis’ to ‘all mountain’ or ‘off piste’ skis and make the most of every day on the mountain. 

Choose the right ski rental shop

If you are looking for ski rental this winter check out, you can save up to 60% and with 600 shops all over Europe, you can hire equipment in all of Maison Sport’s resorts via this simple to use service.