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Maison Sport is the industry leading platform for ski and snowboard lessons across Europe and our mission is to ensure everyone has access to the sport we all love. We offer a platform where snowsport enthusiasts of all ages and ability levels can book independent instructors or ski school group lessons all across Europe. We now have over 1,200 instructors on the platform and we are present in more than 420 ski resorts.

Our founders, Nick, Olly and Aaron, all grew up spending their summers racing on dry slopes, before progressing onto the British ski team. The impact this journey has had on their lives has been incredibly positive, and as such they remain within the industry.


They now want to make it possible for children with the same drive and passion as them to succeed and grow, which is why this year marks the first year of The Maison Sport Grant. The grant will be worth £1,000, and the winner will be able to use this money towards further training and racing.


  • Aged under 21.
  • Must be actively racing on the dry slope circuit in the UK, involvement in the indoor race series is not mandatory but may also be considered.
  • Registered with Snowsport England, Scotland or Wales.
  • Alpine ski racing only.

In order to apply for the grant please fill in the form below before 15/08/2023. The winner will be announced on 27/08/2023 at the All England dry slope championships. There will be a judge panel with 5 judges including representatives from Snowsport England and Maison Sport.

Visit the form here to apply!