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We have put together the ultimate gift guide for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. 

Whether you know somebody going on their first ski trip, teaching their children for the first time, or leaving for their annual ski holiday, we are sure one of these gifts will be perfect for this Christmas, even if they may have to wait a little while to try them out


There are so many types of goggles out there that it can be overwhelming to choose the right one but when it comes to being out on the mountains a good pair of goggles goes a long way. The features you must definitely look for when choosing any goggles are

  • UV Protected: Probably all goggles sold today will be UV protected but just double-check for it. Even if it is a cloudy day UV rays are bouncing off the snow and it is crucial to keep eyes protected at all times.

  • Anti-Fog Coating: Another feature found in almost all goggles. Having goggles that fog can be not only very annoying but also dangerous as it might obstruct the skier’s vision. 

  • Photochromic Lenses: Photochromic lense means the lens will automatically adapt to the UV intensity. Going for a photochromic lens will assure that the goggles will be suitable for all types of weather conditions. 

With this in mind why not try and customize the ski goggles yourself. On Melon Optics you get to customize every part of ski goggles, from the frame to the head strap, and also choose what lens you prefer. 

Jacob’s First Ski Holiday – For Kids 

Buying something for kids when it comes to skiing or snowboarding can be difficult because they will probably outgrow it by this time next year, which is why we recommend something that they will not outgrow and can be a great help to them. 

Jacob’s First Ski Holiday is a children’s book written by experienced ski instructor Nick Robinson with the aim of spreading his love for skiing to the skiers of the future, the children. The book really helps children build up a picture of what to expect on their first ski holiday and encourages them to get excited about the experience. 


A good pair of gloves are a must! When you’re up on the mountain and that cold weather hits, nobody would want to have their hands cold which is why it is a great gift for any level skier or snowboarder. 

When choosing a pair of gloves make sure you check these features: 

  • Insulation: All gloves will have some kind of insulation and they are chosen depending on the person’s need. Properly insulated gloves should provide easy movement and warmth and breathability. 

  • Cuff Length: Although it is more of a preference thing, cuffs are designed to prevent snow from getting into the gloves so the longer the cuff, the lesser the chance of getting snow in the glove. 

If you’re looking for something more high-tech, check out the Chaval Supernova gloves. These gloves self-regulate their temperature according to your hand’s temperature making sure they always feel just right.

Fun Gadgets

There are plenty of ski and snowboard gadgets for you to choose from and why not choose a useful yet fun idea gadget for your friends or family. The WhiSki Poles are high-performance ski poles with an integrated flask in the cavity of the pole (tip to the top!). 

Perfect gift for this winter, since there will be no apres-ski parties you can have your own! Stay warm up on the mountains and responsibly enjoy a few drinks with friends without having to go to a bar.

Smart Watch

Nowadays if you didn’t track it, it didn’t happen, which is why a great gift idea for someone who is going on their winter vacation and is passionate about sports would be a smartwatch. 

Most smartwatches usually track things such as steps, calories burned, sleeping schedule… but there are also more specific watches you can buy that would be better for skiing. 

The Garmin Instinct is an excellent watch for sports and would be great for somebody out on the slopes. This watch also tracks your heart rate, activity, and stress.

The watch has an excellent GPS system to track you even off-piste and it’s built to the highest of standards in order to assure it will resist any weather conditions. It even recognises when you’re on a ski lift and pauses recording. Plus, with text and email notifications on your wrist, you don’t need to risk losing your phone while you’re going up.



Just as important as gloves, socks keep our feet warm which is extremely important when skiing or snowboarding. Socks technology has come a long way in the past years giving the buyer a wide choice of product. A good pair of socks is a gift that any level skier or snowboarder will definitely appreciate.

In today’s world as we know everything is technologically advanced and that includes socks. The Therm-ic Powersock is a battery-operated sock that heats to the optimal temperature in order to keep your feet warm during cold winter activities.


Ski/Snowboard Lesson With Maison Sport

Whether it’s their first time skiing ever or their first time in a while, a couple of ski lessons are always a good idea when going out on the slopes.

At Maison Sport we think booking ski and snowboard lessons should be easy, so we created an online marketplace for trusted, fully qualified ski and snowboard instructors, that can be booked in just a few clicks. 

We have found that independent ski and snowboard instructors often go the extra mile to delight their customers, always ensuring their customer’s experience is a great one. You can choose from over 500 ski and snowboard instructors across 200 ski resorts on Maison Sport.

Lessons are a great gift for skiers and snowboarders at any level.

Snacks For The Slopes 

It is always important to have a couple of snacks with you when you go skiing and snowboarding just in case you start to feel too tired, too hungry, or just want to have a break and enjoy a snack. 

A perfect gift for somebody hitting the slopes would be a little snack care package to take with them on their trip and choose from each day. Here are some common and easy to carry snacks:

  • Chocolate: Many skiers and snowboarders carry chocolate in their jackets, not only is it a great energy booster when you’re running a little low on energy, but it’s also a delicious snack for an afternoon break. 

  • Granola bars: Granola bars are excellent when you still have a while to go before your ski day is over. They release energy slowly making the feeling last longer, and you don’t have to eat it all in one sitting.

  • Nuts & Seeds: Another great source of energy and easy to carry around while you’re out on the slopes. Nuts and seeds will not melt or go bad and are easy to put in a suitcase without the fear of them staining other items in there.

  • Dried Fruit: They provide an excellent source of fiber and will ensure to keep you active and full of energy for a full day on the slopes.

Wireless Headphones

It’s always nice to listen to some music as you ski down the mountain or not having to take your cell phone out to answer a call also because who can do that with thick gloves, which is why a good pair of headphones is another great gift. 

Aleck Headphones are something special. These headphones were designed specifically for sports and they are made to be worn underneath helmets and not only allow you to listen to music, but more importantly they also act as a sort of walkie-talkie with all the other members of your ski group.

You won’t have to worry if somebody falls behind or has taken another route since Aleck allows you to be in constant communication with everyone. This is a great gift for families or groups of friends going on a trip together.

Face Mask

This year we know that whichever the destination of the vacation is, one item has to be in everyone’s luggage, a face mask. 

As a gift for someone going on a ski trip why not give them a personalized ski-themed facemask. You can find hundreds of online stores like SnapFish that personalize face masks and this is a gift you know they will have to use.

You still have time to buy any of these gifts and get them before the ski season. Just blame the busy Christmas season for the late delivery if you don’t get it before Christmas day, we won’t tell. 

Start planning your ski trip for the new year today,

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