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With the winter season fast approaching, we are thrilled to be receiving a high volume of customer bookings and enquiries for this winter. In fact, this month we have seen a growth in customer interest of 85% in comparison to last month and a record August for bookings. We believe that this will only continue to grow as the weeks go by. 

After speaking to a number of customers this month, it is becoming increasingly evident that holidaymakers are keen to secure their yearly ski fix on the slopes to make up for lost time. There is no better time than now to un-snooze and update your calendars to not miss out on the surge of customer interest and bookings. 

So here are 4 reasons why it is the best time to unsnooze your accounts and start accepting bookings: 

  1. Customers can now book you by paying a 20% refundable deposit 


​Maison Sport has introduced a new 20% refundable deposit for customers booking any lessons offered on our platform. This feature will allow customers to pay 20% of the full lesson in advance and pay the remaining lesson 24 days before the lesson. This is already a standard option offered by ski schools and now Maison Sport offers this too! 

We know that it is extremely beneficial for you to be booked in advance as it enables you to plan your winter better and more effectively, manage your cash flows and manage your pricing. However, many customers prefer to pay as late as possible so deposits help make their decision to book in advance easier and therefore, more advanced bookings for you! 


  1. ✈️  Travel restrictions ease 


With travel becoming more accessible with the use of a ‘travel passport’ or a ‘Green Pass’ to travel within Europe, we are now also seeing positive announcements for UK travellers. UK holidaymakers can now enter Italy without the need of a 5-day quarantine if they are fully vaccinated and Switzerland moves to the Green list joining, another popular and in demand country for our skiers. 

With these travel restrictions easing in some countries in Europe, with hopefully more to follow, customers are feeling more and more secure to book their ski lessons with you this winter. After all, our biggest obstacle over the past year has been the uncertainty of travel restrictions and quarantine so these positive announcements are exactly what we were all waiting for to secure you more bookings! 


  1. Ski lifts reopen! 


​I speak for every instructor when I say that we are all thrilled to see the ski lifts spinning in some of our local ski resorts again, just like the good old days! 

Though the re-introduction of ski touring and cross-country skiing was a success for most this last winter, unfortunately it wasn’t for everyone. So customers have long-awaited the day that ski lifts reopen in order to book their lessons on the slopes and pick up where they left off.  


  1.   Record month of bookings


​Finally, our customer bookings are rolling in and we couldn’t be more excited. As mentioned above, our customer bookings have increased by an astonishing 85% and we are now experiencing the high volume of interest which is just the start of what we believe will be a busy and exciting season. 

When the season rolls in, we all know we want to be one of the firsts to be reunited with our skis and hitting the slopes as soon as the first snowfall hits. With this high customer demand we are receiving, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to not optimise your bookings.

What are you waiting for? Un-snooze your account, update your calendar and we’ll handle the rest! 

The Instructor Community Team