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Ever thought about being an independent instructor?

Over the last three and a half years, Maison Sport has helped provide work, handle payments and offer support to 600+ independent instructors across Europe.

As an independent instructor, you will immediately benefit from a higher hourly rate of pay, leading to higher earnings from your winter. Last winter in France alone, the average instructor earned an additional €5,000 by working through Maison Sport, with some earning in excess of €25,000.

Maison Sport makes it simple.

Simply create a free online profile on Maison sport, which you can make entirely unique with your personal bio and images.

  1. Set your availability, pricing and which resorts you would like to teach in.
  2. Send over your relevant instructor qualifications to us so we can confirm that you have the correct qualifications/licence to work in your chosen resort.
  3. Let Maison Sport pair you to new customers!

Calculate how much you could earn working with Maison Sport

Using data accumulated over the past 4 winters, we have created a simple calculator give you an idea of how much you could earn by using Maison Sport.

Limited instructor spaces available

In some resorts we only have a limited number of spaces available, to ensure that both new and existing instructors using the platform in that resort continue to receive a high volume of clients.

To find out how much many spaces we have available and how much you could earn with Maison Sport, visit our earnings calculator page here