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As we head towards what is looking to be like a great winter we’re making sure you have all your bases covered before you head to the mountains. A very important thing that is often overlooked or forgotten on the slopes is sun protection. With every 1000-foot increase in height, U.V. levels increase by about 4% – so getting the right sun protection is vital unless you want to constantly top up messy cream on chairlifts or finish a day with panda eyes (sometimes both!)

To make sure you are fully protected during your holidays we have partnered with ​​the sun protection brand, Pelotan. They are offering all our clients a 20% discount on all their products. Pelotan is high-performance sun protection designed specifically to improve performance, maximise comfort and allow athletes around the world to avoid costly sunburn. The moment you get on those skis or boards you are an athlete too which is why you need to protect yourself like one. 

Whilst doing research for their product, Pelotan has come up with the Sun Protection Advise & Best Practices to help you find the best sun protection products for you.

  1. Be Prepared 

The weather on the mountains can be unpredictable, one moment it’s snowing and you can barely see anything, and the next you are skiing under a clear blue sky. Always check the weather forecast, including the UV levels, before you plan to go out. We recommend always wearing a layer of sun protection regardless of the weather forecast just to be extra safe. 

  1. UV Index

​​Even when the weather is overcast, UV radiation can still be 80% of its normal levels. The temperature can also be deceiving!  A breeze can make it feel a lot cooler than it is, however, this breeze will not affect the UV levels. Keep an eye on the UV index and, if in doubt, remember it is better to be safe than sorry. 

  1. Broad-spectrum protection

It is important to use sun protection that keeps you safe from UVA and UVB damage, especially at altitude, so look for products with an SPF of 30 or more and with broad-spectrum protection. SPF30 blocks 97% of UVB radiation. It is important to make sure the sunscreen you are using is broad-spectrum, SPF alone won’t give you the complete protection you need.

  1. Choose The Right Product 

Consider the best product for your activity – there is no ‘one size fits all’ and clearly your skin has different requirements on skiing activities than it does lying still on a beach! Find a product that is lightweight, breathable, and sweat resistant to ensure your sun protection doesn’t detract from your enjoyment on the mountains and you can focus your attention where it counts – having fun.

  1. Protection Time Period 

We all know that a full ski day is around 8 hours long which is why it’s important to use a product that will offer you the longest, most suitable protection. Some modern UV filters have been developed to last longer (in Pelotan’s case, up to 8 hours), meaning you can avoid stopping frequently and enjoy the slopes and you won’t have to about forgetting to put on more sunscreen when you’re on the slopes

  1. Apply Correctly  

Ensure you apply the recommended amount of sun protection (more than you think, studies show most people do not apply enough which significantly reduces protection) at least 15 minutes before you head out, and do not miss areas such as your neck, temples, and ears as these are commonly forgotten. 

  1. Skin Type 

Different skin types need different levels of protection against UV rays so it’s important to follow the appropriate recommendations for your skin type.

The most effective solution to prevent damage from UV radiation is to apply long-lasting, broad-spectrum sun protection that is lightweight, water-resistant, and breathable. Pelotan has been able to develop such a product and it’s now a brand trusted by Olympic Champions, Grand Tour Winners, IRONMAN Champions, Snow and Mountain Sports Legends, and Trail Runners around the world.

This winter we have teamed up with them to offer you a 20% discount on their range of high-performance sun protection. Simply visit the Pelotan website and apply the discount code MAISON20 at the checkout.

Once you’ve booked your independent instructor, visit and start getting ready for your holidays!

Please note this is a general guideline as everyone’s skin is different. Please use common sense and avoid overexposure and/or sunburn