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Dear Instructors,

I just wanted to put some information out there regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the impact it may have on the rest of the season.

At the moment we are seeing an increase in cancellation’s and a drop in customer sign up, as a result of the virus. That being said there are still a large number of people still going skiing, and therefore booking lessons, and we continue to see a large number of bookings go through daily. 

There is however a lot more competition for these customers and we are seeing ski schools react by being more flexible and offering reduced pricing. We would, therefore, recommend being more flexible and consider reducing pricing for the off-peak weeks and make sure you are being as responsive as you can to all enquiries. 


In the event of a customer cancelling lessons for any reason, by default your cancellation policy will be followed, which the customer agreed to at the time of their booking. If a customer would like to cancel, you need to make it clear whether any refund due will be in line with your cancellation policy or if you would like to offer a full refund.

You can check your cancellation policy in your ‘account settings’, as standard it’s defaulted to ‘moderate’. If you would like to offer a customer a full refund you need to cancel the booking from your side. If you would like to offer a partial refund which is different to your cancellation policy, please get in touch with us and we can help.

Many thanks,

Maison Sport