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The story of how Maison Sport came about goes back a long way, and as I look back I can see that much of what we have now created has been influenced by our years learning to ski, and then as professional ski racers. 

Behind most successful athletes is a long list of great instuctors and coaches, from their first experience in the sport, all the way through to winning World titles and Olympics. These early relationships have a massive impact on how likely someone is to suceed within a sport, and so we wanted to translate that into recreational sport, and give everyone the chance to work with the best instructor for them. 

Partnering with Dave makes complete sense for Maison Sport, and as someone who has benfeited from some great instructors and coaches over the years, he wants to promote our service to ensure more people have great experiences whilst learning to ski. 

”I’m really proud to partner with Maison Sport, helping you choose the Ski Instructor you want… growing up and experiencing multiple ski coaches I’ve seen how vital it is that you have a ski instructor that suits you.. Maison sport helps you choose from the best independent ski and snowboard instructors across Europe! Created by some old friends of mine make sure to check them out if you want an instructor on the slopes!”