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Hotel or Airbnb? Local coffee shop or Starbucks? 

Over the last few years, we have seen a huge rise in the uberfication of services in a wide variety of markets, making it simpler to connect with individual service providers – but what is the benefit of using independents?

  • Going the extra mile – At Maison Sport, we have found that independent ski and snowboard instructors often go the extra mile to delight their customers. Each instructor is their own boss, providing instructors further motivation to offer brilliant lessons. 

  • Great service guaranteed –  As each independent instructor is reviewed individually, they are naturally incentivised to offer a consistently good service, as opposed to a ski school, where instructors do not always get personally reviewed.

  • Find an instructor that suits your budget – On Maison Sport, after putting in your chosen dates and resort, you are then able to see how much each available instructor will cost. This allows you to base your choice of instructor based on cost, reviews and experience.

  • You know who you’re getting – the importance of having the right ski or snowboard instructor shouldn’t be underestimated, an instructor that suits your needs will really help make your holiday unforgettable. On Maison Sport it’s simple to learn more about each instructor and send them a message prior to booking and paying for any lessons. Unlike ski schools, where you get assigned a ski instructor, on Maison Sport you can choose from over 500 ski and snowboard instructors across 200 ski resorts.

  • No hidden surprises – 70% of all ski and snowboard lessons on Maison Sport are reviewed, verified reviews from an instructor’s past customers provide invaluable information when choosing an instructor. You can see whether an instructor regularly delivers a high quality service and the types of ski or snowboard lessons they have previously provided.