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Do I sort my ski rental out prior to my ski or snowboard lesson?

– Yes, definitely sort your ski or snowboard rental prior to your lesson. Sorting your rental before is preferred to save any last-minute stress the morning of your lesson and can save you money.

What do I wear?

– Always bring an extra layer, layers help keep you warm in comparison to wearing one big heavy coat. Read our blog post here about what to wear whilst on the slopes.

Do I need hand warmers?

– If it is a particularly cold day, hand warmers are definitely advised to keep your hands nice and toasty! Hand warmers are best placed in between your glove liners and your gloves. We suggest wearing mittens instead of gloves, as these tend to keep your hands warmer.

Are sunglasses okay to wear, or do I need ski goggles?

– Goggles are an essential piece of ski gear as they will keep you warmer and will ensure your eyes are well protected from the sun and debris if you fall. Many shops in the resort will stock goggles if you do not already have some with you, many outlets will have a wide range from the cheaper end (which work perfectly fine) to the more expensive end of the spectrum (which tend to have features such as anti-fog).

Am I likely to stop for a break? Should I take any snacks/energy bars?

– Private lessons are tailored to your needs but bringing an energy bar with you is a great idea, depending on the length of the lesson you might have a break halfway through. Make sure you are well fed and hydrated prior to your ski or snowboard lesson (we recommend porridge with peanut butter for a slow release of energy). If you do not have any energy bars, snickers bars always work well for a little sugar fix during your lesson!

Do I need to take a bag?

– You shouldn’t need to take a bag with you, all you will need for your lesson is your lift pass, money and your phone (just in case you can’t find your instructor, or you need to contact a friend or family member after your lesson). These items can all be stored in your ski jacket.

When should I arrive for my lesson?

– It is always best to be too early for your ski or snowboard lesson than too late, as you wouldn’t want to eat into your lesson time! With Maison Sport, you can contact your instructor directly, so we suggest messaging your instructor the night before to ensure you know exactly where you are meeting them the following morning or afternoon.