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Today’s holidaymakers are generally quite tech-savvy, but with technology constantly evolving, so has the expectations of customers’ booking experience. This is why we have introduced Instant Book; to revolutionise and increase your bookings this season! 

Since Airbnb launched Instant Book, they have seen a huge increase in their booking listings. Airbnb claimed that “70% of new listings on Airbnb have hosts using Instant book from the very beginning”. By enabling Instant Book, the large majority of hosts on Airbnb have reported earning more money than ever before, some claim they have received double the number of bookings and earnings as customers are showing great appreciation for the booking process being simpler and easier to use. What’s more, the hosts are also impressed by the increase in customer interest, rise in bookings and it’s convenience to use. 

Likewise, Tripadvisor has also seen a rise in bookings since introducing Instant Book to their platform stating that, “today’s travellers are increasingly looking for one-stop convenience; a recent survey found that 63% of TripAdvisor users want one place where they can read reviews and book”. Just like Airbnb, hosts and hoteliers on Tripadvisor are also finding that Instant Book is becoming an integral tool in increasing their revenue. 

So, by improving the experience for both our instructors and customers, we strongly believe Instant Book can be just as successful to all our instructors on Maison Sport! 

Your Frequently Asked Questions on Instant Book

We asked our instructors what questions they had about our new Instant Book feature and below we have answered the top questions:


  • How can an Instructor turn on Instant Book? 

To turn on Instant Book, simply visit the ‘Settings’ tab of your account and below your qualification number click the slider button underneath instant book so that it reads ‘On’. Once the Instant book button reads ‘On’, click ‘Save changes’. For more information on how Instant Book will appear on your profile and how to enable it, click here.


  • Will Instant Book help an Instructor receive more bookings? 

Yes, by enabling Instant Book and keeping your calendar regularly up-to-date you are more likely to maximise your bookings and here are a couple of reasons why: 

  1. More opportunity to maximise your bookings as your profile will appear higher in the search results thereby increasing your chances of customers booking you. 

  2. Customers appreciate the simplicity of making a booking to confirm their travel plans instantly.

  3. With more bookings, comes more opportunity for reviews which is an excellent incentive for more customers to book with you. 

  4. Customers are booking their holidays at the last minute as they wait to be informed on the Covid-19 restrictions in resorts.


  • Can customers still message Instructors if they have Instant Book turned on?

Yes, a customer is still able to message you prior or after the booking has been made. 

  • What communication will the Instructor receive when an Instant Book has been made?

You will receive an email and a text with the details of the booking confirmation. It will also appear in your Booking’s tab in your Maison Sport account. 


  • Does Instant Book lead to more cancellations?

No, as long as your calendar and availability are kept up to date then Instant Book will not lead to more cancellations. 


  • Will instant book affect an Instructor’s pricing or the Maison Sports fees?

No, pricing and fees will not be affected and will remain the same as they currently are. 


  • What happens if the customer’s payment fails?

You can rest assured that the booking will not go through unless the payment is confirmed.


  • What if the customer cancels just before the lesson is due to start?

You will still get the full lesson fee in line with your cancellation policy.

If you want to find out more about how Instant Book can greatly increase your revenue and maximise your bookings, click here

You can also send us an email at [email protected], chat with us at or simply give us a call on +44 20 3856 8307 and we’d be more than happy to help answer any of your questions!