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Zuoz, a picturesque village in the Swiss Alps, is a hidden gem for skiing enthusiasts. Resting at an altitude of 1,720m, this high-altitude resort forms part of the vast Upper Engadine ski area. This region boasts 350km of skiable terrain and is renowned for its spectacular mountain vistas and typically reliable snowfall. Zuoz is home to the revered Piz Arpiglia, offering a high-altitude skiing experience that ascends to 3,000m and provides captivating views of the Engadine Valley.

With a well-organised and comprehensive lift system, Zuoz is connected to the nearby resort of St. Moritz, opening up an extensive terrain to explore. Although Zuoz is a haven for advanced skiers with its thrilling runs and off-piste skiing, it also provides a friendly environment for beginners. Dive into our detailed guide to skiing in Zuoz.

Zuoz Ski Area

Zuoz’s ski area comprises three main sectors; Piz Arpiglia, Pizzet, and San Romerio. All three are conveniently accessible from the village centre. The ski area in Zuoz consists of 40 runs, with 15% green, 45% blue, 25% red, and 15% black.

Beginner Skiing in Zuoz

Zuoz, despite its reputation as an advanced skiers’ resort, offers excellent options for beginners. The region’s superb snow conditions provide an ideal learning environment. Zuoz has two main nursery slopes, one in the village and the other at the top of the Piz Arpiglia gondola. Once beginners graduate from the nursery slopes, they can explore designated beginner areas like Pizzet and San Romerio.

Intermediate Skiing in Zuoz

Zuoz is an excellent choice for intermediate skiers looking to push their limits and enhance their skills. With numerous blue and red runs, intermediate skiers will be spoilt for choice. The Piz Arpiglia area is a hotspot for lower-intermediate skiers, with several wide, undulating blues to glide along. More proficient intermediate skiers should head to the Pizzet area and ski down to San Romerio. The ‘Curdin’ run, despite its straightforward name, is a challenging red run and offers a thrilling skiing experience.

Advanced Skiing in Zuoz

Zuoz has a well-deserved reputation as a prime resort for advanced skiers. With almost 15% of runs being black, there is an array of challenging terrain to explore. The most famous run in Zuoz is the ‘Piz Arpiglia’. Known as one of the most iconic black runs in the Alps, it offers skiers a steep incline and a vertical descent of nearly 1,000m.

Off-piste Skiing in Zuoz

Zuoz is an advanced skier’s paradise and offers some of the best lift-served off-piste skiing in Europe. From steep chutes to snowy bowls, there is much off-piste terrain to explore. The ‘Pizzet’ and ‘San Romerio’ areas are popular for experienced skiers, offering exhilarating vertical drops. It’s crucial that skiers venturing off-piste hire a local guide or instructor with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure safety.


Zuoz is a haven for skiers of all levels, offering an extensive variety of ski runs, excellent snow conditions, and a well-organised lift system. The resort’s stunning mountain vistas make for a memorable skiing experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced skier, Zuoz will not disappoint.

Book Ski Lessons in Zuoz with Maison Sport

Regardless of your skiing ability, Zuoz has something to offer every skier. To make your trip even more memorable, consider booking an instructor who can guide you to the best runs for your skill level and enhance your skiing experience!