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Villars-sur-Ollon, commonly referred to as Villars, is a charming Swiss ski resort that combines the elegance of Swiss style with the authenticity of a mountain village. Sitting at 1,300m, the resort forms part of the expansive Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets ski area, offering 125km of skiable terrain, and is renowned for its excellent snow conditions and beautiful panoramic views of the Dents du Midi and Mont Blanc.

With an efficient lift system and direct links to the neighbouring resorts of Gryon and Les Diablerets, the terrain available for exploration is vast and varied. The resort is particularly favoured by families and beginners, but also offers plenty of enjoyable runs and off-piste skiing for more advanced skiers. Read on to discover our comprehensive guide to skiing in Villars.

Villars Ski Area

The ski area in Villars is divided into two main sectors; Villars/Bretaye and Gryon. Both areas can be accessed directly from the resort. The ski area consists of 72 runs, of which 20% are green, 40% blue, 30% red, and 10% black.

Beginner Skiing in Villars

Villars is an ideal resort for beginners, with an array of gentle slopes. The resort boasts two main beginner areas, one in the centre of the village and one at the top of the Roc d’Orsay gondola. Once you’ve mastered the basics, there are a variety of green and blue runs to progress to, such as the wide, gentle slopes of the Bretaye area. If you’re still building your confidence, we recommend taking the lifts back down to the resort as the runs tend to become more challenging the lower you ski. Many skilled ski instructors in Villars can guide beginners to the most suitable areas for their ability level and help improve their skills quickly.

Intermediate Skiing in Villars

For intermediate skiers, Villars provides a great mix of blue and red runs. The slopes on the Gryon side are ideal for lower-intermediate skiers, with plenty of wide, rolling blues. More advanced intermediates should try the Combe run in the Bretaye sector, a thrilling red run with stunning views over Lake Geneva. Keep in mind that the grading system in Switzerland can be more challenging than in other countries, so don’t be discouraged if you find the runs slightly more difficult than expected!

Advanced Skiing in Villars

While Villars may not be as challenging as some other Alpine resorts for advanced skiers, it still offers a handful of exhilarating black runs. The Olden, a steep, ungroomed mogul run, is a particular favourite among advanced skiers. For those looking for a real challenge, the Chaux Ronde run, with its steep incline and narrow path, is a must-try.

Off-piste Skiing in Villars

Villars offers a range of off-piste opportunities for experienced skiers. The area around the Grand Chamossaire peak is particularly popular, offering challenging descents and stunning views. For a truly memorable off-piste experience, the Glacier 3000 area offers high-altitude skiing and snowboarding on the glacier, with a vertical drop of 1,600m. Always remember to hire a local guide or instructor when off-piste skiing to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Snowparks in Villars

For freestyle enthusiasts, Villars has two snowparks. The main snowpark is located in the Chaux Ronde area and features jumps, rails, and a halfpipe. There is also a smaller, more beginner-friendly park in the Bretaye area.


Villars truly offers something for every skier, from gentle beginner slopes to challenging off-piste terrain. To ensure you make the most of your trip, consider booking a ski instructor who can help you find the best runs for your ability level and enhance your skiing experience.