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Thyon 2000, perched high at 2,090m in the Swiss Alps, is a vibrant ski resort forming part of the sprawling Four Valleys ski area, which boasts an expansive 412km of skiable terrain. Thyon 2000 is connected to the neighbouring resorts of Verbier, Veysonnaz, and Nendaz via an efficient lift system, offering skiers and snowboarders a wealth of terrain to explore. With a varied mix of ski runs for all abilities, exhilarating off-piste areas and exciting snowparks, Thyon 2000 offers an unforgettable Alpine experience.

Thyon 2000 Ski Area

The ski area in Thyon 2000 offers a diverse range of slopes, with 220 individual pistes, of which 10% are green, 40% blue, 35% red and 15% are black, providing challenges for all levels. From scenic tree-lined runs to high-altitude glacier skiing on the Mont Fort glacier, the variety is astounding.

Beginner Skiing in Thyon 2000

Thyon 2000 provides a welcoming environment for those new to skiing. There are two dedicated beginner areas located in the resort, one at Thyon 2000 and another at Les Collons 1850. Both areas have gentle, wide slopes perfect for practicing turns and gaining confidence. A popular run for beginners is the blue Piste de l’Ours, known for its gentle incline and wide, open space.

Intermediate Skiing in Thyon 2000

Intermediate skiers will find a wealth of terrain to explore in Thyon 2000. The resort is known for its wide, well-groomed red runs, perfect for honing your carving technique. One of the best areas for intermediate skiers is the Etherolla chairlift, with a variety of red runs offering stunning views over the Rhone Valley. A must-ski is the red run from Greppon Blanc, which boasts a thrilling descent and exceptional panoramic views.

Advanced Skiing in Thyon 2000

For advanced skiers, Thyon 2000 is a destination of choice. The black runs in the resort are challenging and exhilarating, with steep, ungroomed pistes that will test even the most experienced skier. The infamous ‘Mur de Tortin’, with its steep pitch and mogul-filled terrain, is a particular favourite among advanced skiers. Another challenging run is the black descent from Mont Fort, with its thrilling moguls and breathtaking views of the Matterhorn.

Off-piste Skiing in Thyon 2000

Thyon 2000 is a haven for off-piste enthusiasts. The famous Vallon D’Arbi, with its steep chutes and wide bowls, is a popular choice for those looking for fresh powder. Another notable off-piste area is the backside of Mont Fort, which offers challenging terrain and spectacular vistas. Remember, when venturing off-piste, it is crucial to hire a guide or instructor familiar with the area to ensure your safety.

Snowparks in Thyon 2000

For freestyle skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, Thyon 2000 is home to the CentralPark, one of the best snowparks in Switzerland. With an array of jumps, rails, and boxes, it provides a playground for all abilities. There’s also a dedicated area for younger riders, the KidsPark, making Thyon 2000 a favourite among families.

Book Ski Lessons in Thyon 2000 with Maison Sport

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes, an intermediate skier keen to progress, or an advanced skier seeking to explore the off-piste terrain, Thyon 2000 has something to offer everyone. To make your trip even more memorable, consider booking a ski lesson or hiring an instructor through Maison Sport to guide you to the best spots and help improve your skills on the slopes.


With its fantastic range of ski runs, exciting off-piste opportunities, impressive snowparks and beautiful scenery, Thyon 2000 provides a skiing experience like no other. This charming Swiss resort truly caters to all levels of skiers and offers a unique and unforgettable ski holiday. Don’t miss out on experiencing this Alpine gem.