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The Lecht is a charming and vibrant ski resort located at 639m in the Eastern Cairngorms of Scotland. It is part of the Aberdeenshire ski area, which boasts 20km of skiable terrain. The Lecht also offers year-round skiing thanks to its artificial ski slope.

Featuring an efficient chairlift and tow system and linked to the neighbouring resort of Glenshee, The Lecht offers a range of terrain to explore. Although it is especially suited for beginners and intermediates, The Lecht also provides exciting runs for advanced skiers and offers off-piste skiing opportunities. Read on to discover our comprehensive guide to skiing in The Lecht.

The Lecht Ski Area

The ski area at The Lecht is divided into three main zones; the Osprey Area, the Buzzard Area and the Falcon Area, which are all accessible from the resort centre. The ski area at The Lecht consists of 20 runs, of which 25% are green, 50% blue, 15% red and 10% black.

Beginner Skiing in The Lecht

The Lecht is an excellent resort for beginners. It has numerous nursery slopes and wide, gentle runs perfect for those new to skiing. Once beginners feel comfortable on the nursery slopes, they can progress to the Osprey Area, which is packed with a selection of gentle green and blue runs.

Intermediate Skiing in The Lecht

Intermediate skiers will find The Lecht to be a fantastic resort. With an abundance of blue and red runs, intermediates will have an array of options to explore and challenge themselves. The Buzzard Area is a great place for intermediate skiers, featuring a variety of wide, rolling blues. More confident intermediates can head to the Falcon Area and try the Harrier run, a thrilling red run that offers fantastic views of the surrounding Cairngorms. It’s important to remember that the grading system at The Lecht leans towards the more challenging side compared to other Scottish resorts, so keep this in mind when planning your ski routes.

Advanced Skiing in The Lecht

While The Lecht is known more for its beginner and intermediate terrain, it still has a lot to offer advanced skiers. The Grouse and Eagle runs in the Falcon Area are challenging black runs that advanced skiers can take on. Both runs offer steep descents and provide a thrilling ride down to the resort.

Off-piste Skiing in The Lecht

The Lecht also offers off-piste skiing for advanced skiers looking for a fresh challenge. The area around the Falcon Area is particularly popular for off-piste skiing. Here, skiers can find steep, ungroomed terrain with breathtaking views of the Cairngorms. However, those venturing off-piste should always hire a local guide or instructor who can ensure their safety.

Snowparks in The Lecht

The Lecht also offers a snowpark for freestyle enthusiasts. The snowpark, located in the Osprey Area, features a variety of jumps, rails and boxes for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities.


Regardless of your skiing ability, The Lecht has something to offer everyone. To make the most of your trip, consider booking an instructor who can show you the best runs for your skill level and enhance your time on the slopes. The Lecht is a hidden gem in the Scottish Highlands that provides an unforgettable skiing experience.