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Tarvisio, a picturesque resort located in the northeastern corner of Italy, offers an exhilarating skiing experience. With an altitude of 1,754m, Tarvisio is a part of the Alpe Adria ski region with 60km of pisted terrain. The resort is known for its high-quality snow, breathtaking views of the Julian Alps, and for its diversity, catering to skiers of all skill levels.

Tarvisio Ski Area

The Tarvisio ski area comprises three main zones; Monte Lussari, Campo di Neve and Campo Scuola. All three are easily accessible from the town centre, providing a range of slopes to suit everyone. Tarvisio has 21 runs, categorised into 24% green, 33% blue, 29% red and 14% black.

Beginner Skiing in Tarvisio

Tarvisio is an excellent destination for beginners, offering a number of gentle slopes. The Campo Scuola area is ideal for beginners, offering wide, gentle slopes for initial ski lessons. As you progress, you can explore the easier runs on Campo di Neve and Monte Lussari. Many of these runs are located at high altitudes, offering beginners a chance to enjoy the stunning views usually reserved for more experienced skiers.

Intermediate Skiing in Tarvisio

Tarvisio is a paradise for intermediate skiers, offering a wide range of blue and red runs. The Monte Lussari area is perfect for intermediate skiers, featuring a mix of open and tree-lined slopes. For a more challenging experience, the Di Prampero run is a must-try. This former World Cup downhill course offers a thrilling descent from the top of Monte Lussari. Remember, the grading system in Tarvisio can be more challenging than other Italian ski resorts, so keep this in mind while planning your skiing spree.

Advanced Skiing in Tarvisio

With 14% of its slopes categorised as black, Tarvisio offers a thrilling experience for advanced skiers. The most challenging run is the Gran Pista, which descends from Monte Lussari. This black run, known for its steepness and challenging conditions, provides a heart-racing experience. For mogul enthusiasts, the Prampero piste offers a challenging mogul field that will test your skills.

Off-piste Skiing in Tarvisio

Tarvisio’s off-piste skiing opportunities are a hidden gem. The resort offers several freeriding areas, including the forested areas around Monte Lussari. Another popular off-piste route is the run from Monte Lussari to the village of Camporosso. As with any off-piste skiing, it’s essential to hire a local guide who can ensure your safety and help you discover the best spots.

Snowparks in Tarvisio

For freestyle enthusiasts, Tarvisio offers the Campo di Neve snowpark. The park features a variety of jumps, rails, and boxes suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. It also has a dedicated area for snowboarders.


Whether you’re a beginner looking for gentle slopes and top-notch instruction, an intermediate skier wanting to push your limits, or an advanced skier in search of challenging runs and off-piste adventure, Tarvisio has something for everyone. Its diverse range of slopes, stunning Alpine views, and charming resort village make it a must-visit destination for any ski enthusiast. So why wait? Get your skis ready and head to Tarvisio for an unforgettable skiing experience!