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The Italian Dolomites are home to one of the most stunning ski resorts in the world: Selva-Sella Ronda. Located at an altitude of 1,563m, this ski resort is part of the renowned Dolomiti Superski area, offering over 1,200km of skiable terrain. The Selva-Sella Ronda ski area is well-known for its impressive snow reliability, stunning panoramic views and its legendary Sella Ronda ski circuit.

Featuring a modern lift system and connections to other resorts like Alta Badia and Arabba, there is an incredible amount of terrain to discover. Selva-Sella Ronda is a paradise for skiers of all levels, providing a variety of runs and off-piste skiing opportunities. Read on to discover our comprehensive guide to skiing in Selva-Sella Ronda.

Selva-Sella Ronda Ski Area

Selva-Sella Ronda offers access to an impressive ski area made up of 175km of pistes. The area comprises 14% green, 60% blue, 25% red and 1% black runs. The varied terrain and stunning mountain vistas make Selva-Sella Ronda a dream destination for skiers of all abilities.

Beginner Skiing in Selva-Sella Ronda

For beginners, Selva-Sella Ronda offers an array of gentle slopes. Two main nursery slopes are located in the village, while further beginner-friendly areas such as Plan de Gralba and Piz Seteur are easily accessible. As you gain skills and confidence, venture onto the gentle blue runs like the Ciampinoi run.

Intermediate Skiing in Selva-Sella Ronda

Intermediate skiers are spoilt for choice in Selva-Sella Ronda. The blue and red slopes of Piz Sella and Dantercepies offer satisfying challenges, while the Sella Ronda circuit provides an unforgettable skiing experience. This renowned 26km circuit, primarily consisting of blue and red runs, circumnavigates the Sella massif and can be completed in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

Advanced Skiing in Selva-Sella Ronda

Advanced skiers will find plenty of challenging runs in Selva-Sella Ronda. The black Tomba run, named after the famous Italian skier Alberto Tomba, offers a thrilling descent with steep sections. Another challenging run is the Vallunga, a red run which winds down through a narrow valley. While the black percentage may be low, the off-piste opportunities and extensive ski area more than make up for it.

Off-piste Skiing in Selva-Sella Ronda

Selva-Sella Ronda is a fantastic destination for off-piste skiing. The Vallunga valley is a popular choice, offering a range of off-piste routes through its dramatic landscape. The Marmolada Glacier, accessible from the resort, provides exhilarating off-piste skiing with stunning views. Skiers venturing off-piste should always be accompanied by a certified guide or instructor, as the terrain can be challenging and unpredictable.

Snowparks in Selva-Sella Ronda

Selva-Sella Ronda is home to two snowparks: Piz Sella Snowpark and Plan de Gralba Snowpark. Piz Sella Snowpark caters to all levels with easy, medium and pro lines. It also features a fun slope with waves, jumps and tunnels. Plan de Gralba Snowpark, on the other hand, is perfect for beginners and children with its gentle terrain and fun obstacles.


Whether you’re a beginner testing out your ski legs or an advanced skier seeking thrilling descents, Selva-Sella Ronda offers something for everyone. With its impressive ski area, diverse terrain and stunning setting, it’s no surprise that this resort is a favourite among skiers worldwide. Make the most of your trip by booking an expert ski instructor or guide, who can help you navigate the slopes and enhance your skiing experience.