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San Cassiano is a picturesque resort offering a unique blend of Italian charm and superior skiing. Located at an altitude of 1,537m, this charming resort is part of the expansive Dolomiti Superski area, boasting 1,200km of skiable terrain. San Cassiano also neighbours the Armentarola, which offers outstanding panoramic views across the Alta Badia region.

San Cassiano has an effective and extensive lift system connecting it to the nearby resorts of Corvara, Colfosco, La Villa and Badia. Suitable for all levels of skiers, San Cassiano offers a mix of thrilling runs, beginner-friendly areas and off-piste skiing opportunities.

San Cassiano Ski Area

The ski area in San Cassiano is split into three main areas; Piz Sorega, Piz la Ila, and Lagazuoi, which can all be reached directly from the town centre. The ski area in San Cassiano encompasses 130 km of runs, divided into 8% green, 60% blue, 25% red, and 7% black.

Beginner Skiing in San Cassiano

San Cassiano offers ideal conditions for beginners with plenty of gentle nursery slopes and wide, smooth runs. The area around Piz Sorega is perfect for novices with plenty of green and blue runs to progress onto once you leave the nursery slopes. After mastering the basics, beginners can venture to the blue slopes of Pralongià and Biok. We recommend taking the lifts back down to the resort if you are still building your confidence.

Intermediate Skiing in San Cassiano

San Cassiano is a paradise for intermediate skiers, offering an array of blue and red runs. The Piz la Ila area is particularly suited to intermediate skiers, with a variety of sweeping blue runs and challenging red slopes. One of our favourite runs is the Gran Risa, a famous World Cup giant slalom course. The red slopes in this area offer spectacular views and a chance to improve your skills. Remember, the grading system is slightly tougher compared to other resorts in Italy, so plan your route accordingly and enjoy the Alpine experience!

Advanced Skiing in San Cassiano

San Cassiano caters well to advanced skiers with several black runs and challenging red slopes. The standout black run is Vallon-Boè, a steep and thrilling descent that requires skill and nerve. Equally challenging is the Foram run, with its steep incline and 1,000m vertical descent. For mogul enthusiasts, seek out the black slopes of the Lagazuoi area.

Off-piste Skiing in San Cassiano

San Cassiano offers an array of off-piste skiing opportunities. The Armentarola circuit is renowned for its off-piste skiing, offering a mix of steep chutes and open bowls. The Vallon-Boè area also offers exciting off-piste routes that are popular with experienced skiers. As always, if you plan to venture off-piste, it’s important to hire a local guide or instructor who can ensure your safety.


Whether you’re a novice skier or a seasoned pro, San Cassiano offers a unique skiing experience. The resort’s blend of Italian charm, stunning views, and diverse ski terrain make it an ideal destination for a winter getaway. With a range of runs to suit all abilities, and some excellent off-piste opportunities, it’s no wonder this resort is a favourite among skiers.