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Set amidst the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 1,800m, Saas Fee is an enchanting resort renowned for its breathtaking scenery and exceptional ski conditions. The resort forms a part of the Saastal ski area, which offers 150km of skiable terrain. Saas Fee also has its own glacier – The Allalin Glacier, allowing for year-round skiing up to 3,600m, with mesmerising views across the Saas Valley.

Saas Fee’s extensive and modern lift system is linked to the neighbouring resorts of Saas Grund and Saas Allmagell, opening up an expanse of terrain to explore. It is an ideal destination for all levels of skiers with a variety of runs and off-piste skiing, alongside superb beginner-friendly areas.

Saas Fee Ski Area

The Saas Fee ski area comprises three main areas: Plattjen and Spielboden, directly accessible from the village, and Langfluh, reachable via the Felskinn cable car. The ski area boasts 47 runs, among which 20% are blue, 40% red, and 40% black.

Beginner Skiing in Saas Fee

Contrary to its reputation as a challenging ski resort, Saas Fee offers fantastic beginner-friendly slopes and designated areas for learning. Beginners can start on the nursery slopes in the village or at the top of the Spielboden gondola. Once comfortable, beginners can explore the gentle blue runs on the glacier.

Intermediate Skiing in Saas Fee

Saas Fee is a dream destination for intermediate skiers, with an array of red and blue runs to conquer. The Plattjen area is ideal for intermediate skiers, with a selection of wide, continuous red runs like route 4A. Adventurous intermediates can challenge themselves on the black run 4B that descends from the top of Plattjen. Remember, the grading system in Saas Fee tends to be on the challenging side compared to other resorts in Switzerland, so don’t let it dent your confidence!

Advanced Skiing in Saas Fee

Saas Fee is a paradise for advanced skiers, offering a range of black runs and challenging off-piste terrain. The renowned black run number 9, starting from the top of the Allalin Glacier, is a must-try. With a steep incline and a thrilling 1,800m vertical descent, it promises an exhilarating experience. For an even more challenging run, try the mogul-filled route 14 descending from the Langfluh area.

Off-piste Skiing in Saas Fee

Saas Fee offers some of the best off-piste skiing in Switzerland. The famous Allalin descent, with its imposing 1,800m vertical drop, is a popular off-piste route. Another well-known off-piste route is the Fee-Chalp to Saas-Almagell run. Remember to hire a local guide or instructor equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to keep you safe when venturing off-piste.

Snowparks in Saas Fee

Saas Fee’s snowparks are among the best in the Alps, attracting freestyle skiers and snowboarders from around the world. The Freestyle Park on the glacier offers a variety of features for all levels, and the Morenia Snowpark boasts a halfpipe and a mix of jumps and rails.


Saas Fee offers a unique mix of pristine slopes, high-altitude skiing, and breathtaking Alpine scenery. Regardless of your skill level, the resort promises a fantastic skiing experience. For those looking to make the most of their trip, we recommend hiring an experienced instructor to guide you through the best runs and improve your skiing technique.

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