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Rogla, a captivating resort in the heart of Slovenia, offers a diverse range of skiing experiences. Sitting at an altitude of 1,517m, Rogla forms part of the Pohorje Ski Resort, providing a generous 12km of skiable terrain. With its own snow cannons, Rogla guarantees snowfall throughout the winter season, giving it a reputation for typically reliable skiing conditions.

Connected to the nearby resort of Zreče via a shuttle bus, Rogla provides a vast expanse of terrain to explore. Catering to all levels of skiers, Rogla offers a mix of thrilling and leisurely runs, off-piste skiing adventures, and even a snowpark for those looking to try their hand at freestyle skiing.

Rogla Ski Area

The ski area in Rogla is divided into three main zones: the central area, the Jurgovo area and the Mašin žaga area. These zones provide a total of 13 runs, including 4 red, 6 blue and 3 black runs, ensuring a variety of slopes for all levels of skiers.

Beginner Skiing in Rogla

Rogla is an ideal resort for beginners, with a variety of gentle slopes perfect for those just starting out. The Mašin žaga area is perfect for beginners, offering wide, easy runs that are great to practice on. After gaining confidence, beginners can try the blue runs in the central area, such as the Košuta and Planja runs.

Intermediate Skiing in Rogla

Rogla offers a number of intermediate runs, providing a good challenge for those looking to advance their skills. The central area has several blue and red runs, including the Ostruščica and Jasa runs. These runs offer a mix of terrain, with some steep sections to test your control and speed. The Jurgovo area also offers great red runs for intermediate skiers, such as the Jurgovo I and II runs.

Advanced Skiing in Rogla

For advanced skiers, Rogla offers a few challenging black runs. The central area is home to the challenging Mašin žaga I and II runs, which provide steep, fast descents. The Jurgovo area also has a black run, the Jurgovo III, which is often used for competitions and offers a thrilling descent that will test even the most experienced skiers.

Off-piste Skiing in Rogla

Rogla also provides opportunities for off-piste skiing, particularly in the Jurgovo area. The terrain offers a mix of forested areas and open fields, providing a thrilling adventure for experienced skiers. However, it is essential to remember safety when skiing off-piste, and hiring a local guide or instructor is highly recommended.

Snowparks in Rogla

Rogla is not just about skiing, it also has a snowpark for those looking to try freestyle skiing or snowboarding. The Fun Park Rogla offers a variety of jumps, boxes, and rails suitable for beginners to advanced freestylers. There are also dedicated instructors available to coach and guide those new to freestyle skiing.


In conclusion, Rogla offers a diverse range of skiing experiences for all levels. Whether you are a beginner learning to ski, an intermediate skier looking to progress your skills, or an advanced skier seeking thrilling descents, Rogla has something for everyone.