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Located in the magnificent Val Rendena at 770m, Pinzolo is a charming Italian resort that is part of the expansive Skirama Dolomiti Adamello Brenta ski area, which offers a whopping 150km of skiable terrain. Pinzolo is often recognised for its consistent snowfall and beautiful scenery. The resort also boasts access to the Presena Glacier, allowing for extended ski seasons. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about skiing in Pinzolo.

Pinzolo Ski Area

Pinzolo’s ski area is connected to the neighbouring resort of Madonna di Campiglio and consists of 50 runs, of which 20% are for beginners, 40% for intermediate skiers, 30% for advanced skiers and 10% for expert skiers. The ski area also houses a well-groomed snowpark, aptly named Brenta Park, for those who want to try their hand at freestyle skiing.

Beginner Skiing in Pinzolo

Pinzolo is a great starting point for beginners, with several nursery slopes available in the village itself and at the top of the Pra Rodont gondola. As beginners gain confidence, they can transition to the resort’s longer beginner-friendly runs such as the Fossadei and Tulot. Pinzolo’s ski instructors are known for their expertise and friendliness, and they are adept at guiding beginners through the best areas to help them quickly improve their skills.

Intermediate Skiing in Pinzolo

Pinzolo is a paradise for intermediate skiers, offering a variety of blue and red runs that provide the perfect balance of challenge and enjoyment. The Malga Cioca area is perfect for intermediate skiers looking for a mix of runs. A favourite amongst locals and tourists is the Tre3Tre run, a red run that is a recurring host to the World Cup Slalom. This run is not only a fantastic experience but also a great way to test and improve your skills.

Advanced Skiing in Pinzolo

Advanced skiers will find a wealth of challenging terrain in Pinzolo, with nearly 10% of the resort’s runs being black. The black run, Pancugolo, is widely recognised as one of the most challenging in the Skirama Dolomiti Adamello Brenta ski area. This run offers a vertical drop of 1,280m and is best tackled in the morning when the snow conditions are more forgiving. If you’re craving for more thrill, the Val Gelada is a must-try run, offering a challenging mogul field that will test your technique.

Off-piste Skiing in Pinzolo

For those seeking an off-piste adventure, Pinzolo offers some fantastic opportunities. From the Presena Glacier, you can access the Paradiso and Presena off-piste areas, which offer a thrilling descent through untouched snow. The off-piste areas in Pinzolo provide a variety of terrain from steep chutes to wide-open bowls. As with any off-piste skiing, we strongly recommend hiring a local guide or instructor, who will ensure your safety and help you navigate the best routes.

Book Ski Lessons in Pinzolo with Maison Sport

Regardless of your skill level, Pinzolo offers a diverse range of skiing opportunities. To maximise your experience on the slopes, we recommend hiring an instructor who can tailor the runs to your skill level and enhance your overall skiing experience.


Pinzolo truly is a hidden gem within the Italian Alps. With a vast array of runs suitable for all levels, reliable snowfall, and stunning scenery, it is a resort that deserves a place on every avid skier’s bucket list. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn, an intermediate skier wanting to progress, or an advanced skier in search of thrilling terrain, Pinzolo has something for everyone. Indulge in the Italian charm of this delightful resort and experience the joy of skiing in Pinzolo.