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Pila, a hidden gem in the Aosta Valley, provides an unforgettable skiing experience with its amazing views of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. Situated at an altitude of 1,540m, Pila offers 70km of skiable terrain with a range of beautifully groomed pistes and expansive off-piste areas. With the peak of Couis 1 reaching up to 2,740m, Pila has typically consistent snowfall and excellent skiing conditions throughout the season.

Pila’s ski area is well-connected with a modern lift system and offers a variety of runs for every level of skier. This resort is particularly suited to beginners and intermediates, but also offers a challenging terrain for advanced skiers.

Pila Ski Area

The ski area in Pila consists of three main sectors; Chamolé, Grimod, and Couis. These sectors can all be accessed directly from the resort centre. Pila’s ski area consists of 24 runs, with 30% green, 45% blue, 20% red, and 5% black.

Beginner Skiing in Pila

Pila is an ideal resort for beginners with plenty of green and blue runs, offering a comfortable and forgiving skiing environment. The resort features two main nursery slopes, Baby Pila and Baby Gorraz, located at the resort centre. As beginners gain confidence, they can explore wider runs such as the blue-graded Du Bois and Leissé.

Intermediate Skiing in Pila

Pila offers a wealth of options for intermediate skiers, with a variety of blue and red runs. Grimod sector is particularly suitable for intermediates with a mix of rolling blues and more challenging reds. One of the favourite runs is the scenic red-graded Nouva, offering stunning views of the Aosta Valley. Another wonderful experience for adventurous intermediates is the long, sweeping descent from Couis 1 all the way down to Aosta, covering a vertical drop of 1,100m.

Advanced Skiing in Pila

While Pila is not primarily known for its black runs, it does offer some challenging pistes for advanced skiers. The red-graded Reale and black-graded Couis 2 in the Couis sector offer steep inclines and challenging terrain. For an even bigger adrenaline rush, advanced skiers can take on the Wall, a thrilling mogul field that’s sure to test your skills.

Off-piste Skiing in Pila

Pila is also a haven for off-piste skiing. From the top of Couis 1, experienced skiers can venture into the Vallone dell’Inferno, a wide, ungroomed bowl offering deep powder after a fresh snowfall. Another popular off-piste area is the forested terrain around the Platta de Grevon sector. Always remember to hire a local mountain guide or instructor when venturing off-piste to ensure your safety and to find the best snow conditions.

Snowparks in Pila

For freestyle enthusiasts, Pila offers a well-maintained snowpark located on the Du Lac run. It features a variety of jumps, rails, and boxes for all levels of freestyle skier.


Pila is a fantastic resort that caters to all types of skiers, from the complete beginner to the seasoned off-piste adventurer. With its diverse terrain, stunning views, and friendly atmosphere, Pila is a resort that should not be overlooked.