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Piani di Bobbio, situated at an altitude of 1,655m, is an inviting resort with a friendly atmosphere and exceptional skiing. The resort is part of the Valsassina ski area, offering 25km of pisted terrain, and is celebrated for its typically consistent snowfall throughout the winter season. Piani di Bobbio is also home to the towering Monte Muggio, reaching up to 2,000m, with breathtaking views across the Lecco province.

Connected by a superb lift system and linked to the neighbouring resort of Valtorta, there is a wealth of terrain to discover. Although Piani di Bobbio is best suited for beginners and intermediate skiers, it also provides harder runs and off-piste skiing for advanced skiers.

Piani di Bobbio Ski Area

The Piani di Bobbio ski area is divided into two primary areas; the central hub, accessible directly from the resort centre, and the Valtorta area, reachable via a quick and efficient lift service. The ski region in Piani di Bobbio has 14 slopes, of which 20% are green, 50% are blue, 20% are red, and 10% are black.

Beginner Skiing in Piani di Bobbio

Piani di Bobbio is the perfect destination for beginners, offering several nursery slopes and broad, gentle runs. The excellent snow conditions are ideal for novices, and there are two main nursery slopes conveniently situated in the resort centre. After mastering the basics, beginners can explore designated areas such as the Betulle and Larice. These simpler runs in Piani di Bobbio are usually at higher altitudes, with the pistes becoming more challenging as you ski back down to the resort. If you’re not feeling confident enough, we recommend taking the lifts back down.

Intermediate Skiing in Piani di Bobbio

Piani di Bobbio is an excellent choice for intermediate skiers looking to test their skills. With a variety of blue and red runs, intermediate skiers will be spoilt for choice. The central hub is a great area for lower-intermediate skiers, boasting numerous wide, meandering blues. More advanced intermediate skiers should head to the Valtorta area and ski down to the resort centre. One of our favourite runs in this area is the red Piancaformia. Despite its somewhat unassuming name, this thrilling run is a challenge that you’ll want to check off your skiing bucket list!

Advanced Skiing in Piani di Bobbio

Piani di Bobbio may be compact, but it offers enough exciting terrain to keep advanced skiers entertained. The demanding black Buca del Piombo run is one to conquer. Although it’s not as well-known as some of the more iconic runs in larger resorts, its steep incline and demanding twists and turns make it a challenge that advanced skiers will relish.

Off-piste Skiing in Piani di Bobbio

Piani di Bobbio may be small, but it also offers off-piste skiing for the adventurous. The most popular off-piste area is the Vallone dei Campelli, which starts from the top of the Campelli chairlift and descends into a secluded valley. However, if you’re heading off-piste, remember to hire a local guide or instructor who can ensure your safety and help you make the most of your adventure.


Piani di Bobbio may not be as well-known as some other resorts, but it offers a charming atmosphere, reliable snowfall, and a variety of terrain for all skier levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an advanced skier looking for a new challenge, Piani di Bobbio is a resort that’s worth considering for your next ski trip.