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Passo San Pellegrino is a charming ski resort located at an altitude of 1,918m in the heart of the Dolomites in Italy. As part of the extensive Dolomiti Superski area, Passo San Pellegrino offers 100km of skiable terrain, providing an attractive mix of wide, well-maintained pistes and off-piste areas. With an impressive lift system and connections to the nearby Falcade ski resort, there is a diverse range of terrain to discover. This resort caters to all levels of skiers, with a variety of slopes suited to beginners, intermediates, and experts.

Passo San Pellegrino Ski Area

The ski area in Passo San Pellegrino comprises a total of 27 runs, with 60% blue runs, 25% red runs, and 15% black runs. The slopes are well-groomed and diverse, ranging from gentle blues to thrilling black pistes. The area is best known for its panoramic views of the majestic Dolomites, making the skiing experience even more enjoyable.

Beginner Skiing in Passo San Pellegrino

Passo San Pellegrino is an ideal resort for beginners, with a variety of gentle slopes and excellent ski schools offering high-quality instruction. The Col Margherita area has several wide, gentle blue runs perfect for beginners, such as the ‘La VolatA’ run, which winds down through the forested area, providing a scenic and enjoyable ski. Once confident, beginners can progress onto the slightly steeper blue run ‘Paradiso’. It is recommended for beginners to take the lift back down to the resort until they gain confidence to tackle the more challenging lower slopes.

Intermediate Skiing in Passo San Pellegrino

For intermediate skiers, Passo San Pellegrino offers a variety of blue and red runs to explore. The ‘Del Sole’ and ‘Del Passo’ runs are challenging yet enjoyable, offering views of the surrounding mountains. For those who wish to challenge themselves further, the ‘Fiamme Oro’ run is a must-try. It is a thrilling red run that offers a perfect mix of steep and flat terrains, providing a satisfying challenge for intermediate skiers.

Advanced Skiing in Passo San Pellegrino

Advanced skiers will find plenty of challenging terrain in Passo San Pellegrino. The ‘Col Margherita’ run is a steep, demanding black run that provides spectacular views of the surrounding peaks. The ‘Vallon Scuro’ is another challenging black run that offers a varied, steep descent. For those looking for an adrenaline rush, the ‘Fiamme Oro’ red run also features a challenging World Cup downhill course that will certainly test your skills.

Off-piste Skiing in Passo San Pellegrino

Passo San Pellegrino offers abundant off-piste skiing opportunities, particularly in the Col Margherita area. The area surrounding the ‘Vallon’ run is particularly popular, with varied terrain and snow conditions that provide a thrilling off-piste experience. Remember to always hire a local guide or instructor when venturing off-piste to ensure safety.

Snowparks in Passo San Pellegrino

Passo San Pellegrino is home to the ‘SanPe Snowpark’, an exciting freestyle area equipped with jumps, rails, and boxes suitable for all levels of freestylers. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced freestyler, the snowpark offers a fun and dynamic environment to hone your skills.


Passo San Pellegrino is a fantastic resort that caters to all levels of skiers, offering a wide range of pistes and off-piste skiing areas. Its varied terrain, incredible views and excellent facilities make it a must-visit destination for skiers of all abilities.