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Monte Pora is a charming resort that has an energetic energy and offers exceptional skiing opportunities. Positioned at 1,430m, this high-altitude resort forms part of the Presolana-Monte Pora ski area, boasting 60km of skiable terrain. Known for often having the most consistent snow in the Italian Alps, Monte Pora offers an incredible skiing experience.

With an efficient lift system and connected to the neighbouring resort of Presolana, there is lots of terrain to explore. Suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers, Monte Pora offers some thrilling runs and off-piste skiing but also has plenty of beginner-friendly areas.

Monte Pora Ski Area

The ski area in Monte Pora is composed of two main areas; Pora and Presolana, both of which can be accessed directly from the resort centre. The ski area in Monte Pora comprises of 28 runs, of which 25% are beginner, 50% intermediate, and 25% advanced.

Beginner Skiing in Monte Pora

Despite its reputation as a resort for intermediate and advanced skiers, Monte Pora has numerous nursery slopes and wide, gentle runs suitable for beginners. The excellent snow conditions are great for learners with two main nursery slopes, one in the resort and one at the top of the Pora gondola. Once you advance from the nursery slopes, there are designated beginner areas to explore, such as Baita and Trivella. The beginner friendly runs in Monte Pora tend to be at higher altitudes with the slopes becoming more challenging as you ski back down to the resort. We suggest taking the lifts back down if you are still building your confidence.

Intermediate Skiing in Monte Pora

Monte Pora is a superb resort for intermediate skiers who are looking to challenge themselves and progress their skills. With a variety of intermediate and advanced runs to explore, adventurous, intermediate skiers will be spoilt for choice. The Pora area is a great spot for lower-intermediate skiers, with plenty of wide, rolling blues to cruise along. More advanced intermediate skiers should head to the Presolana area and ski down to the village. One of our favourite runs in this area for intermediate skiers is the Magnolini run. Despite its understated name, this thrilling red run is a famous regional downhill course and is a great one to tick off your bucket list!

Advanced Skiing in Monte Pora

Monte Pora has earned its reputation as a prime resort for advanced skiers. With a quarter of the runs in the resort being black, there is a wide array of challenging terrain to explore. The most well-known run in Monte Pora is the Scanapà. This steep black run is one of the most iconic in the Italian Alps. What makes this run so challenging is not only its steep incline but also its tendency to become incredibly icy in the afternoons. We recommend tackling this piste in the morning, while the snow is still soft and more forgiving!

Off-piste Skiing in Monte Pora

Monte Pora is a playground for advanced skiers and is home to some of the best lift-served off-piste skiing in Italy. From steep chutes to snowy bowls, there is much off-piste terrain to discover. One of the most popular off-piste areas is the Valzurio, which starts on the Presolana massif and descends into the Foresta di Malga, ending at the Pora cable car. Venturing off-piste is an exhilarating experience but requires a local guide or instructor for safety.


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just finding your ski legs, Monte Pora offers a varied and exciting ski experience. Renowned for its reliable snow conditions and excellent ski facilities, it’s an ideal destination for all levels of skier. Don’t forget to explore the local cuisine and vibrant après-ski scene for a truly unforgettable ski holiday.