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Located at an altitude of 1,650m in the heart of the French Alps, Les Saisies is a charming, family-friendly resort known for its typically reliable snowfall and panoramic views. As part of the Espace Diamant ski area, it offers 192km of skiable terrain, and is renowned for its cross-country skiing. With a diverse range of slopes and a friendly atmosphere, Les Saisies caters for every level of skier, from beginner to expert.

Les Saisies Ski Area

The ski area in Les Saisies is split between two main areas, Le Mont Bisanne and L’Espace Diamant. Both areas can be accessed directly from the village centre. The ski area of Les Saisies comprises 77 runs, with 28% green, 31% blue, 30% red, and 11% black.

Beginner Skiing in Les Saisies

Les Saisies is ideal for beginners, with a great selection of nursery slopes and gentle runs. The resort has excellent snow conditions, making it perfect for those just starting out. The main nursery slope is located in the village, while another is situated at the top of the Chamois gondola. As beginners progress, they can explore green runs like Gentiane and Perce-Neige. Rather than skiing all the way back to the resort, beginners are advised to take the lifts down while they’re still building confidence.

Intermediate Skiing in Les Saisies

Intermediate skiers will find plenty to keep them entertained in Les Saisies. With an extensive choice of blue and red runs, there’s lots of opportunities for skiers to challenge themselves and develop their skills. The Mont Bisanne area is particularly good for intermediate skiers, with a range of wide, undulating blues. For a slightly more challenging red run, we recommend the Grand Mont, which offers fantastic views across the valley. However, bear in mind that the grading system in Les Saisies tends to be slightly tougher than in other French resorts, so don’t be disheartened if you find some of the runs more challenging than expected.

Advanced Skiing in Les Saisies

Despite its reputation as a family resort, Les Saisies also caters to advanced skiers, with a number of challenging black runs. The most well-known of these is the Kamikaze, a long and steep descent that will test even the most experienced skiers. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the off-piste areas offer thrilling, ungroomed terrain.

Off-piste Skiing in Les Saisies

Les Saisies is a paradise for off-piste enthusiasts. The area around the Bisanne 1500 lift offers a range of challenging off-piste routes, including the Chard du Beurre and the challenging Couloir du Mont Bisanne. For the ultimate off-piste experience, try the Couloir des Chamois, a steep, narrow chute that offers views of Mont Blanc. Remember, when venturing off-piste, it’s important to hire a local guide or instructor who can ensure your safety and help you make the most of the terrain.

Snowparks in Les Saisies

Les Saisies also offers a brilliant snowpark for those looking to try their hand at freestyle skiing or snowboarding. The park features a range of jumps, rails, and boxes, making it suitable for all levels.


Les Saisies is a fantastic resort that caters to all levels of skier. With its varied terrain, stunning scenery, and friendly atmosphere, it truly offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn, an intermediate skier seeking a challenge, or an expert searching for adrenaline-fuelled adventure, Les Saisies will not disappoint.