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Les Houches is a charming ski resort with breathtaking scenery and excellent skiing options. Located at 1,008m, this French village is part of the Chamonix Mont-Blanc ski area, which offers 55km of skiable terrain. Les Houches is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and diverse ski runs, catering to every level of skier, from novices to seasoned professionals.

Les Houches Ski Area

Les Houches ski area is a gem within the Chamonix Mont-Blanc ski region. Comprising 55km of skiable terrain, the area includes 23 runs – 4 green, 6 blue, 13 red and 2 black. The resort is particularly popular with families due to its wide, tree-lined slopes and gentle descents, perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers. However, it also offers challenging runs and off-piste opportunities for advanced skiers.

Beginner Skiing in Les Houches

Les Houches is ideal for beginners, with several gentle slopes to build confidence. The village nursery slope is a perfect starting point, while the higher altitude green runs such as ‘Le Tourchet’ offer stunning views. The ‘Ecole’ area at the top of the Prarion gondola provides a safe environment for beginners to practise their turns. Once beginners have mastered these slopes, the ‘Pleine Joux’ and ‘Aillouds’ blue runs offer the next level of challenge.

Intermediate Skiing in Les Houches

Intermediate skiers will enjoy the variety of blue and red runs in Les Houches. The ‘Belle Vue’ blue run, accessible from the Prarion gondola, offers panoramic views of the Chamonix valley. For those seeking a bit more of a challenge, the ‘Kandahar’ red run is a thrilling descent, used for World Cup downhill races. Remember, however, this run is steeper and more challenging than many red runs in other resorts.

Advanced Skiing in Les Houches

Advanced skiers will find plenty to challenge them in Les Houches. The ‘Verte des Houches’ is a challenging black run, famous for hosting the Kandahar World Cup downhill race. This run, with a maximum gradient of 68%, is not for the faint-hearted. The ‘Grand Bois’ black run features a steep drop and tight turns, providing another thrilling option for experienced skiers.

Off-piste Skiing in Les Houches

Les Houches is renowned for its off-piste skiing, with areas such as ‘Cha’ and ‘Les Chavants’ offering powder-filled bowls and tree skiing. For a challenging off-piste adventure, the ‘Pierre Blanche’ route, accessible from the Prarion gondola, offers a 1,000m vertical descent. Remember to take local advice and necessary safety precautions when venturing off-piste.

Snowparks in Les Houches

Les Houches features a fun snowpark, located on the ‘Voza’ slope. Suitable for all abilities, the park features a range of jumps and rails, providing a perfect playground for freestyle enthusiasts.


Les Houches offers a diverse ski experience, with a mix of beginner-friendly slopes, challenging descents, and off-piste adventures. Its picturesque setting, family-friendly atmosphere and World Cup run make it a must-visit destination for any ski enthusiast. Whether you’re a novice skier or a seasoned professional, Les Houches has something to offer. To make the most of your trip, consider booking a ski instructor who can guide you to the best runs for your ability level and enhance your overall skiing experience.