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Renowned for its fantastic skiing and scenery, Les Diablerets is a prime winter destination for ski enthusiasts worldwide. The resort, located at an altitude of 1,200m, forms part of the Glacier 3000 ski area that provides an impressive 125km of skiable terrain, making it a popular choice amongst skiers of all abilities. It also includes the only glacier ski area in the Canton of Vaud, allowing for skiing all year round.

Boasting a modern lift system and interconnected with the neighbouring resort of Villars, Les Diablerets offers a wide variety of runs, off-piste skiing, and even a snowpark for freestyle enthusiasts.

Les Diablerets Ski Area

The ski area in Les Diablerets is divided into three main regions; Isenau, Meilleret, and Glacier 3000. All these regions can be accessed directly from the village centre, providing a total of 77 runs, including 40% blue, 40% red, and 20% black.

Beginner Skiing in Les Diablerets

Les Diablerets is an great choice for beginners, with plenty of gentle, wide-open slopes to learn on. The resort features two main nursery slopes located in the village and at the top of the Isenau gondola. As beginners progress, they can explore the blue runs of Meilleret and Isenau. The ‘Blue Paradise’ circuit, for instance, is a delightful 30km route that links several easy runs, perfect for beginners looking to explore the mountain.

Intermediate Skiing in Les Diablerets

Intermediate skiers will find a variety of suitable runs in Les Diablerets. Meilleret is ideal for intermediates, providing a mix of red and blue runs. More adventurous skiers can take the Combe d’Audon red run, which offers a thrilling descent from the top of the Meilleret area. Another highlight is the ‘Red Run’ circuit, a 40km route combining challenging red runs across the resort, perfect for those looking to elevate their skiing skills. However, keep in mind that the grading system can be slightly more challenging compared to other Swiss resorts.

Advanced Skiing in Les Diablerets

For advanced skiers, Les Diablerets does not disappoint. The Glacier 3000 area is home to the most challenging runs, including the infamous ‘Martisberg’ black run, known for its steep inclines and breathtaking views. The ‘Olden’ run, another black run, is a must-try, with its demanding moguls and high-speed sections. Also, don’t miss the ‘Black Run’ circuit, a 20km route of intense black runs that will certainly test your skills.

Off-piste Skiing in Les Diablerets

Les Diablerets offers ample opportunities for off-piste skiing. The Glacier 3000 area is particularly popular, with its vast snowy bowls and challenging couloirs. One notable off-piste route is the ‘Oldensattel’, which starts at the summit of the glacier and descends into the Oldenalp valley. Also, the ‘Combe d’Audon’ route offers a thrilling off-piste experience. However, always hire a local guide or instructor when venturing off-piste to ensure your safety.

Snowparks in Les Diablerets

For freestyle enthusiasts, Les Diablerets hosts a superb snowpark at the Glacier 3000 area. The park features a variety of jumps, rails, and boxes, catering to skiers of all abilities. It also hosts regular freestyle events, making it a vibrant hub for freestylers in the region.


Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Les Diablerets offers an engaging and diverse skiing experience. To enhance your trip, we recommend booking a local instructor who can guide you to the best runs and help you improve your skiing technique. So get ready to carve some fresh tracks and create unforgettable memories on the slopes of Les Diablerets.