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Known for its varied terrain and incredible views, Les Arcs is a premier skiing destination in the French Alps. With an altitude of up to 3,225m, it’s a part of the Paradiski ski area, one of the largest ski areas in Europe,¬†which offers 425km of skiable terrain. Les Arcs itself has 200km of pisted terrain. The Aiguille Rouge, the highest point of the resort, offers breathtaking panoramic views across the Tarentaise Valley.

With its superb lift system and connection to the neighbouring resort of La Plagne, there is a vast expanse of terrain to uncover. Although Les Arcs is best suited for intermediate and advanced skiers, it also offers plenty of beginner-friendly areas. Read on to discover our comprehensive guide to skiing in Les Arcs.

Les Arcs Ski Area

The ski area in Les Arcs is divided into four main areas; Arc 1600, Arc 1800, Arc 1950 and Arc 2000, all of which offer unique skiing experiences. The ski area in Les Arcs comprises of 107 runs, of which 12% are green, 53% blue, 25% red and 10% black.

Beginner Skiing in Les Arcs

Les Arcs caters to beginners exceptionally well with numerous low gradient slopes and wide runs ideal for novices. The finest nursery slopes are found in Arc 1800, with the woodland area of Vallandry being particularly popular. Once you gain confidence, you can venture onto the gentle blue runs such as Golf and Belvedere. While the resort’s lower slopes are more beginner-friendly, there are a number of easy runs at higher altitudes too.

Intermediate Skiing in Les Arcs

Intermediate skiers will find Les Arcs a true delight with its abundance of blue and red runs. Arc 1800 and Arc 2000 are ideal for lower-intermediate skiers with a variety of wide, gentle blues. For more advanced intermediates, the Aiguille Rouge area offers more of a challenge with its series of red runs. The Edelweiss run is a must, with its fantastic views and varied terrain. Remember, the grading system in Les Arcs tends to be more challenging compared to other French resorts, so don’t let this impact your confidence!

Advanced Skiing in Les Arcs

Les Arcs is a paradise for advanced skiers with a range of challenging black runs and off-piste skiing. A well-known run is the Aiguille Rouge, a black run that descends over 2,000m from the summit and provides a thrilling ride. For an adrenaline rush, try the Robert Blanc or Aguille Grive, both of which offer steep, challenging descents.

Off-piste Skiing in Les Arcs

Les Arcs is a haven for off-piste skiing enthusiasts, with its extensive and varied terrain. The Varet Glacier area is a popular choice, providing a mix of steep gullies and wide open spaces. Another popular off-piste route is the North Face of the Bellecote, offering a 2,000m descent. Always remember to hire a local guide or instructor when venturing off-piste to ensure your safety.


With its diverse terrain, efficient lift system, and excellent snow conditions, Les Arcs offers a truly memorable skiing experience. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, this resort has something to cater to every level of skier. Enjoy the stunning views, challenge yourself on the slopes, and make the most of your winter holiday in Les Arcs.

Book Ski Lessons in Les Arcs with Maison Sport

Regardless of your skiing proficiency, Les Arcs offers something for everyone. To maximise your experience, we recommend booking a ski instructor who can guide you to the best runs suitable for your skill level.