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Lech is an exquisite resort offering a serene atmosphere and outstanding skiing. Positioned at an elevation of 1,450m, this high-altitude haven forms part of the Arlberg ski area boasting 305km of skiable terrain, often celebrated for its consistent and high-quality snowfall. Lech also possesses its own snowmaking system ensuring excellent snow conditions throughout the season.

Equipped with a modern and speedy lift system and connected to the neighbouring resort of Zürs, there is an abundance of terrain to explore. While Lech is highly recommended for intermediate and advanced skiers, it also presents a wealth of beginner-friendly areas. Discover our comprehensive guide to skiing in Lech.

Lech Ski Area

The ski area in Lech is divided into three main sectors; Schlegelkopf and Rufikopf, both easily accessed from the village centre, and Zürs, reached via a quick bus ride or the Flexenbahn cable car. The ski area in Lech offers 88 pistes, comprising 17% green, 34% blue, 40% red and 9% black.

Beginner Skiing in Lech

Lech is an ideal setting for beginners looking to gain confidence on their skis. The resort boasts a number of nursery slopes conveniently located in the village, as well as at the top of the Schlegelkopf lift. As beginners progress, there are several easy runs to explore, including Flühen and Schlosskopf. It is advised for beginners to utilise the lifts for descending back to the resort until they feel comfortable with more challenging slopes.

Intermediate Skiing in Lech

Lech is a paradise for intermediate skiers with a vast selection of blue and red runs. The Schlegelkopf area is ideal for lower-intermediate skiers, offering a range of gentle and wide slopes to enjoy. More advanced intermediates should make their way to the Rufikopf area and ski down to Zug. A favourite run in this area for intermediate skiers is the Kriegerhorn, a thrilling red run with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Lech offers a variety of challenging blue and red slopes, however, the grading system can be a little tougher compared to other resorts in Austria, so bear this in mind when choosing your routes.

Advanced Skiing in Lech

Lech is a premier destination for advanced skiers with almost 10% of its runs categorised as black. The most renowned advanced run in Lech is the Langer Zug. Known as one of the steepest groomed runs in the world, it provides a thrilling descent with a gradient of up to 80%. For an even more challenging experience, advanced skiers should head to the Schindler Spitze, a long, ungroomed mogul run that will test even the most seasoned skiers.

Off-piste Skiing in Lech

Lech offers a wide range of off-piste skiing opportunities, from gentle powder fields to steep chutes. One of the most popular off-piste areas in Lech is the Valluga, accessed via the Valluga II cable car. Another popular off-piste route is the White Ring, a legendary circuit offering a variety of off-piste challenges. As always, if you plan to explore off-piste, it is crucial to hire a local guide or instructor who has the necessary skills and knowledge to keep you safe.

Snowparks in Lech

For freestyle enthusiasts, Lech offers the Snowpark Lech at Schlegelkopf. The park offers a variety of jumps, slides, and rails for all ability levels, making it a great place to practice your tricks or simply enjoy watching the action.


Lech is a dream destination for skiers of all levels. With its extensive skiable terrain and excellent snow conditions, it’s no wonder Lech is considered one of the top ski resorts in the world. Whether you’re carving your first turns or seeking challenging off-piste adventures, Lech promises an unforgettable skiing experience.

Book Ski Lessons in Lech with Maison Sport

To maximise your skiing experience, we suggest booking a ski instructor who can help you discover the best runs for your skill level and enhance your time on the slopes.