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Laax, often referred to as the ‘Snowboarding Capital of Europe’, is a fantastic destination for skiers too. At an altitude of 1,100m, Laax forms part of the Weisse Arena ski area and boasts 224km of skiable terrain. Laax also offers the Vorab Glacier, allowing for skiing from autumn through to late spring. It reaches up to 3,018m and offers breathtaking views across the Surselva region.

Equipped with an efficient lift system and linked to the neighbouring resorts of Flims and Falera, the region promises an extensive area to explore. From beginner-friendly slopes to adrenaline-inducing runs and a world-class snow park, Laax has something for everyone. Continue reading for our comprehensive guide to skiing in Laax.

Laax Ski Area

Laax’s ski area comprises three main sections; Crap Sogn Gion, Crap Masegn and Vorab, all of which are accessed from different stations in the valley. The ski area consists of 100 runs, 20% of which are blue, 40% red, and 40% black.

Beginner Skiing in Laax

Laax is a haven for beginners, thanks to its array of gentle slopes. Beginners can start on the nursery slopes at Flims, Laax or Falera bases, before progressing to the wide, forgiving runs at Crap Sogn Gion. More confident beginners can try the blue run from Crap Sogn Gion down to Laax, which is wide, gentle and offers stunning panoramic views of the valley.

Intermediate Skiing in Laax

Laax is an ideal resort for intermediate skiers, with a wide range of blue and red pistes to explore. The area around Crap Masegn boasts a variety of wide, rolling pistes. For a more challenging run, the red piste from Vorab down to Alp Ruschein is a must-try. It offers a thrilling descent with spectacular views. Remember though, the grading system in Laax is slightly more challenging compared to other Swiss resorts, so do bear this in mind when planning your ski routes.

Advanced Skiing in Laax

Laax is a paradise for advanced skiers, with an abundance of challenging black runs and off-piste opportunities. The black run from Vorab Glacier to Alp Ruschein is a classic, offering a steep, thrilling descent. For mogul enthusiasts, the run from Crap Sogn Gion to Alp Dado is a must-try. This mogul field will have your quads burning and your adrenaline pumping!

Off-piste Skiing in Laax

Laax is a popular destination for off-piste skiing, with a range of options available for experienced skiers. The La Siala area is a popular spot, with its challenging couloirs and open fields. The off-piste route from Vorab Glacier to Alp Ruschein also comes highly recommended, offering an exhilarating 900m vertical drop! It’s important to remember that when venturing off-piste, hiring a local guide is highly advised for safety reasons.

Snowparks in Laax

Laax is home to four snowparks, including Europe’s largest halfpipe and the world-class Freestyle Academy, an indoor facility for practising tricks. The snowparks cater to all levels, from the beginner-friendly Ils Plauns to the pro-level P60 Laax Park. Freestyle skiing and snowboarding are a big part of the Laax experience, and these parks are a great place to learn new tricks and push your skills to the limit.


From beginner slopes to advanced off-piste routes, Laax offers a diverse range of skiing opportunities. The resort is also renowned for its snowparks, making it a top destination for freestyle skiers and snowboarders. To make the most of your trip to Laax, consider booking a ski instructor or guide who can help you find the best runs for your ability and ensure a safe and exciting experience on the slopes.