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La Thuile is a charming resort renowned for its extensive skiing opportunities and relaxed atmosphere. Located at an elevation of 1,450m, this high-altitude resort forms part of the Espace San Bernardo ski area. This area, which links Italy and France, provides 150km of skiable terrain. La Thuile also boasts the Rutor Glacier, giving the resort an additional snow assurance and reaching heights of 3,500m, offering breathtaking views across the Aosta Valley.

Connected to the French resort of La Rosière via the Piccolo San Bernardo Pass, La Thuile offers a wide range of terrain to explore. The resort caters well to beginners and advanced skiers alike, with some challenging runs and off-piste areas, as well as plenty of gentle slopes for novices. Read on to discover our comprehensive guide to skiing in La Thuile.

La Thuile Ski Area

The ski area in La Thuile is divided into two main sectors; the La Thuile sector, accessible directly from the town, and the La Rosière sector in France, reachable via the chairlifts from the La Thuile sector. The ski area includes 77 runs, of which 37% are blue, 30% red and 33% black.

Beginner Skiing in La Thuile

La Thuile is a great choice for beginners, offering a selection of gentle nursery slopes and wide, forgiving pistes. The excellent snow conditions and quiet slopes make it an ideal environment for learning. The main beginner area is located near the village, with easy runs such as Les Suches and Baby 1. Once you have built up your confidence, you can progress to slightly steeper but still manageable slopes like Bellecombe 1 and 2. Skiing back to the resort does become more challenging, so beginners are advised to use the chairlifts to return if they are still developing their skills.

Intermediate Skiing in La Thuile

Intermediate skiers will find themselves spoilt for choice in La Thuile. With a good mix of blue and red runs, there is plenty of opportunity to build confidence and improve skills. The La Thuile sector offers a variety of terrain, with runs like Piccolo San Bernardo and Les Suches providing a good challenge for intermediates. For the more adventurous, the red run down to La Rosière, known as Franco Berthod, is a must-try. This was the venue for the 2019 Women’s World Cup Downhill race, and offers a thrilling descent!

Advanced Skiing in La Thuile

La Thuile is an excellent destination for advanced skiers, with a third of the runs being classified as black. One of the most popular is the challenging San Bernardo run, which features a steep 73% gradient and a 1,000m vertical descent. Another exciting run is the Diretta, a long, steep black run through the forest. For mogul enthusiasts, the black run Cascate will not disappoint.

Off-piste Skiing in La Thuile

La Thuile features some excellent off-piste skiing options. The most popular is the Vallon du Ruitor, a lengthy off-piste route that offers a diverse terrain and stunning views of the Rutor Glacier. Another popular option is the Chaz Dura area, with its steep couloirs and deep powder. It is important to remember that off-piste skiing should always be undertaken with a qualified guide or instructor, who can ensure your safety and help you navigate the best routes.


La Thuile is a fantastic ski destination, offering a diverse range of runs for all skill levels, reliable snow and beautiful scenery. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn, an intermediate skier ready to challenge yourself or an advanced skier seeking adrenaline-filled descents, La Thuile has something for you.

To make the most of your trip, we recommend booking a ski instructor or guide who can help you explore the best runs and enhance your experience on the slopes.