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La Rosière 1850 is a charming resort known for its sunny slopes, friendly atmosphere and great skiing. Located at 1850m, this high-altitude resort is part of the Espace San Bernardo ski area, offering a whopping 160km of skiable terrain. The resort is also connected to the Italian ski area of La Thuile, providing a unique cross-border skiing experience. La Rosière is particularly popular among families, thanks to its extensive beginner and intermediate slopes, though it also offers plenty for advanced skiers and snowboarders.

La Rosière Ski Area

The ski area in La Rosière is divided into three main sectors; La Rosière Centre, Les Eucherts and La Thuile. The La Rosière Centre and Les Eucherts areas are directly accessible from the resort centre, while La Thuile is reached via the Espace San Bernardo ski area. The ski area consists of 81 slopes, with 23% green, 38% blue, 29% red and 10% black.

Beginner Skiing in La Rosière

La Rosière is an excellent resort for beginners, with a range of gentle slopes and dedicated beginner areas. The resort features two main nursery slopes, one in the village centre and one at the top of the Roches Noires Express lift. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can progress to the gentle green slopes of Manessier and Lièvre Blanc. If you’re still building confidence, it’s advisable to use the lifts to return to the resort, as some of the lower slopes can be more challenging.

Intermediate Skiing in La Rosière

For intermediate skiers, La Rosière offers a wealth of blue and red runs to explore. The slopes above Les Eucherts are ideal for intermediate skiers, with a variety of wide, rolling blues. More confident skiers should try the red runs of Fort and Dahu, which offer spectacular views across the valley. The resort also offers the unique opportunity to ski across the border into Italy, with a variety of intermediate runs in the La Thuile area. Don’t miss the San Bernardo red run, which winds its way back to La Rosière from the Italian border, offering fantastic views along the way.

Advanced Skiing in La Rosière

While La Rosière is not as renowned for its advanced skiing as some other resorts, it still offers plenty to challenge experienced skiers. The black run of Franco Berthod, which descends from the peak of Mont Valaisan, is a must-try for any advanced skier, with its steep slopes and moguls. In addition, the recently opened Mont Valaisan sector offers five new red and black runs, providing even more challenging terrain for advanced skiers to explore.

Off-Piste Skiing in La Rosière

La Rosière is a hidden gem when it comes to off-piste skiing. The resort’s high altitude and sunny climate often result in excellent snow conditions, making it ideal for off-piste adventures. The North Face of the Fort is a popular off-piste area, offering challenging chutes and wide-open powder fields. Another notable off-piste area is the Zittieux Bowl, which is accessible from the Fort Express lift and offers a variety of steep descents and powder-filled bowls. Always remember to hire a local guide or instructor when venturing off-piste, to ensure you stay safe and get the most out of your adventure.

Snowparks in La Rosière

For freestyle enthusiasts, La Rosière boasts a fantastic snowpark located in the Poletta sector. The snowpark is divided into three zones, catering to all levels of ability. It features a variety of jumps, rails and boxes, as well as a dedicated boardercross course.


Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn, an intermediate skier ready to explore, or an advanced skier searching for off-piste thrills, La Rosière 1850 has something for everyone. With its sunny slopes, friendly atmosphere and diverse terrain, it’s a resort that’s sure to make your skiing holiday unforgettable.