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Hintertux, situated at 1,500m, is a ski resort renowned for its typically consistent year-round snowfall and excellent ski conditions. It is part of the Zillertal 3000 ski area, offering 245km of skiable terrain. Moreover, Hintertux boasts its own glacier, the Hintertux Glacier, which allows for skiing throughout the year, reaching up to 3,250m and providing views across the Zillertal Valley.

Connected to neighbouring resorts through a modern and comprehensive lift system, Hintertux offers a wealth of terrain to explore. It caters best to intermediate and advanced skiers, with a variety of exciting runs and off-piste skiing options, while also providing a good selection of areas suitable for beginners.

Hintertux Ski Area

The ski area in Hintertux comprises three main sections: Sommerbergalm, Tuxer Fernerhaus, and Gefrorene Wand, all accessible from the base station. The Hintertux ski area features 60 runs, with a mix of 14% green, 28% blue, 42% red, and 16% black.

Beginner Skiing in Hintertux

Hintertux has a reputation as a ski resort for intermediate and advanced skiers, but it also features a selection of gentle slopes and wide runs suitable for beginners. Two primary nursery slopes, located at the base station and Sommerbergalm, provide an ideal learning environment. As beginners gain confidence, they can progress to designated beginner areas like the green runs around Sommerbergalm. It’s worth noting that the easier runs in Hintertux are typically at higher altitudes, with the runs becoming more demanding as you ski back down to the base station. Therefore, beginners may prefer to take the gondola back down.

Intermediate Skiing in Hintertux

Hintertux is a haven for intermediate skiers who want to refine their skills. With lots of blue and red runs, intermediate skiers have a wide variety of terrain to explore. The Sommerbergalm area is excellent for lower-intermediate skiers, with numerous wide, smooth blues. More advanced intermediate skiers should head to Tuxer Fernerhaus and Gefrorene Wand for a selection of challenging red runs. One of our favourite runs for intermediate skiers is the red run from Gefrorene Wand to Tuxer Fernerhaus, a thrilling descent with stunning views.

Advanced Skiing in Hintertux

Hintertux is a prime destination for advanced skiers, with 16% of its runs graded black. One of the most challenging runs is the black mogul run from Gefrorene Wand to Tuxer Fernerhaus. This run’s steepness, coupled with its numerous bumps, makes it a test for even the most experienced skiers. For those seeking even more of a challenge, the Olperer 1 run is a must-try, offering a steep and exhilarating descent.

Off-piste Skiing in Hintertux

Hintertux is a playground for advanced skiers, boasting some of the best lift-served off-piste skiing in Europe. The Lärmstange area, accessible from the Gefrorene Wand, is a popular off-piste region, offering steep chutes and snow-filled bowls. We strongly recommend booking a local guide or instructor when venturing off-piste, as they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure your safety.


Whether you’re a beginner finding your ski legs, an intermediate skier seeking a challenge, or an advanced skier looking for off-piste adventures, Hintertux offers a diverse and exciting ski experience. With a wide array of runs, excellent ski conditions, and breath-taking alpine landscapes, your ski trip to Hintertux is sure to be a memorable one.