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Gressoney la Trinité is an Italian Alpine gem. Located at 1,637m, the resort is part of the Monterosa Ski area, with 180km of skiable terrain. Gressoney la Trinité offers a delightful mix of Italian charm, impressive skiing, and stunning panoramas. The resort is a part of the Monterosa Ski area, which stretches up to an altitude of 3,275m offering stunning views across the Aosta Valley.

The resort is well connected by an effective lift system and offers ample terrain for exploration. Ideal for intermediate skiers and snowboarders, Gressoney la Trinité has exciting runs and off-piste opportunities. However, there are enough beginner-friendly areas to keep novices entertained.

Gressoney la Trinité Ski Area

Gressoney la Trinité ski area is divided into two sections – Staffal and Stafal-Lys. These areas can be accessed directly from the village centre. The ski area offers 180 runs, of which 23% are green, 40% blue, 29% red, and 8% black.

Beginner Skiing in Gressoney la Trinité

Although Gressoney la Trinité is a favourite among intermediate and advanced skiers, it also offers excellent nursery slopes and gentle runs for beginners. The resort has two main beginner areas – Weissmatten and Staffal. Once you’ve mastered the nursery slopes, there are several green and blue runs in the Staffal sector to further your skills.

Intermediate Skiing in Gressoney la Trinité

Gressoney la Trinité is a paradise for intermediate skiers. The resort offers an array of blue and red runs that will challenge and delight. The Staffal-Lys area is particularly good for intermediate skiers, offering a variety of wide, cruising blues. For a thrilling red run, try the challenging Pista Leonardo David. Remember, the grading system in Gressoney la Trinité can be somewhat demanding compared to other Italian resorts, so plan your routes accordingly.

Advanced Skiing in Gressoney la Trinité

Gressoney la Trinité is a hub for advanced skiers. Its black runs, such as the Balma and the Cimalegna-Passo dei Salati, offer steep inclines and thrilling descents. Also, the resort is home to the legendary Balma run, a 4km ungroomed piste with a drop of 1,000m – a thrilling challenge for any advanced skier.

Off-piste Skiing in Gressoney la Trinité

Gressoney la Trinité offers some of the best off-piste skiing in the Monterosa ski area. The region is known for its couloirs and powder fields that can be accessed from the top of the Passo dei Salati. The most popular off-piste area is the Vallone d’Olen, known for its deep, untouched snow. Remember, if you are venturing off-piste, hire a local guide or instructor to ensure your safety.

Snowparks in Gressoney la Trinité

The resort hosts two snowparks – the Indianpark and the Bettaforca Snowpark. Both parks offer a variety of jumps, rails, and boxes for snowboarders and freestyle skiers of all levels.


Gressoney la Trinité offers a unique mix of Italian charm, challenging skiing, and stunning Alpine panoramas. No matter your skill level, Gressoney la Trinité provides an unforgettable skiing experience.