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Glenshee, located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, offers a truly unique experience. With its altitude reaching 1,068m, the expansive resort covers 790 hectares and boasts 40km of skiable terrain, making it the largest ski resort in Scotland. Glenshee also features an impressive lift system, including chairlifts, T-bars and button lifts, ensuring a variety of access points to the slopes.

Known for its wide, open pistes and breathtaking views, Glenshee is home to a range of ski runs catering to all abilities.

Glenshee Ski Area

The ski area in Glenshee is divided into three main sectors: the Glas Maol piste area, the Cairnwell side and the Meall Odhar sector. With 36 runs in total, the distribution of runs is balanced with 22% green, 34% blue, 22% red and 22% black.

Beginner Skiing in Glenshee

Glenshee is particularly beginner-friendly, offering numerous gentle slopes for those new to skiing. The Dink Dink, Claybokie and Plastic Slope are ideal nursery slopes located near the main centre, perfect for mastering the basics. Once beginners have gained confidence, they can progress to the longer green runs such as the Bunny Run and the Nice n Easy.

Intermediate Skiing in Glenshee

For intermediate skiers, Glenshee provides a variety of options. The Meall Odhar sector is particularly popular, offering exciting blue and red runs like the Meall Odhar Poma and the Tom Dearg Poma. The Cairnwell Side is another excellent area for intermediate skiers, with the Cairnwell T-bar giving access to an array of challenging blue and red runs. The Tiger, a red run located on the Glas Maol piste, is a favourite among intermediate skiers for its thrilling terrain and stunning views.

Advanced Skiing in Glenshee

Glenshee promises an exhilarating experience for advanced skiers. The Black Corrie on the Cairnwell side is a thrilling black run that offers a steep, challenging descent. Not to be missed is The Tiger, a challenging black run on the Glas Maol piste. Its steep slope delivers an adrenaline rush, while its panoramic views provide a visual treat.

Off-Piste Skiing in Glenshee

For off-piste enthusiasts, Glenshee does not disappoint. The Butchart’s Coire offers an exciting off-piste area, full of natural features and varied terrain to challenge even the most experienced skiers. However, off-piste skiing requires safety precautions, so it’s essential to ensure you are adequately equipped and consider hiring a local guide.

Snowparks in Glenshee

Glenshee also caters to freestyle skiers and snowboarders with its dedicated snowpark. The park is regularly groomed and equipped with a range of features including jumps, boxes and rails. It is located on the Cairnwell side and is accessible via the Cairnwell T-bar.


Regardless of your ability, Glenshee provides an unforgettable skiing experience. Its vast, varied terrain caters to all levels, while its stunning highland scenery adds to the allure. Whether you’re a novice skier or an off-piste adventurer, Glenshee promises a thrilling day on the slopes. So, pack your gear and prepare for a snow-filled adventure in Scotland’s largest ski resort.