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Font Romeu, situated high in the French Pyrenees at an altitude of 1,800m, is a dynamic ski resort known for its sunny weather and extensive ski terrain. As part of the Neiges Catalanes ski area, it provides access to over 200km of pisted terrain, making it a desirable destination for skiers of all levels. The resort, which is also home to the largest solar furnace in the world, offers an impressive variety of ski runs and winter sports activities.

Font Romeu Ski Area

The ski area of Font Romeu is divided into two sectors; Airelles and Gallinera, both conveniently accessible from the town centre. The resort offers a total of 43 runs, with a balanced distribution of 8 green, 9 blue, 15 red and 11 black runs.

Beginner Skiing in Font Romeu

Font Romeu is an excellent resort for beginners, offering plenty of gentle and well-groomed nursery slopes to build confidence. The Airelles sector, with its variety of green and blue runs, is particularly suitable for novices. Once you feel comfortable on the nursery slopes, you can progress to runs such as the wide, gentle Col Del Pam and the gentle Pradeilles. It’s advisable for beginners to use the lifts for descending until they gain more confidence on the slopes.

Intermediate Skiing in Font Romeu

Intermediate skiers will find an abundance of terrain to explore in Font Romeu. With numerous blue and red runs spread over both sectors, there is plenty of variety. The Gallinera sector provides a great mix of blue and red runs, ensuring a stimulating experience for intermediate skiers. The Belloc run, with its sweeping turns and breathtaking views, is a firm favourite amongst intermediates.

Advanced Skiing in Font Romeu

For the more experienced skiers, Font Romeu offers an array of challenging black runs. The Gallinera sector is home to the most challenging terrain, including Roc de la Calme and Llop, both offering significant vertical drops and challenging gradients. The resort also boasts a significant amount of off-piste terrain, providing ample opportunities for advanced skiers to test their skills.

Off-piste Skiing in Font Romeu

Font Romeu is a paradise for off-piste skiing lovers. The vast terrain, coupled with reliable snow conditions, offers an exciting playground for experienced skiers. Popular off-piste areas include the Col Del Pam and the Gallinera sector. Always remember, when venturing off-piste, to equip yourself adequately and consider hiring a local guide who has the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure your safety.

Snowparks in Font Romeu

Font Romeu is renowned for its excellent snowpark, which is considered one of the best in the Pyrenees. The park features a variety of jumps, rails and boxes, providing a thrilling experience for freestyle enthusiasts of all levels.


With its varied terrain, excellent snow conditions and vibrant resort atmosphere, Font Romeu is a fantastic ski destination for all levels. No matter your ability, booking an instructor can significantly enhance your experience on the slopes. So, whether you’re a beginner looking to master the basics or an advanced skier seeking to explore the extensive off-piste terrain, Font Romeu promises a memorable skiing experience.