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Located in the heart of the Italian Dolomites, Folgarida is a popular resort offering remarkable skiing conditions. Standing at 1,300m, Folgarida is part of the larger Ski Area Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta, delivering an impressive 150km of skiable terrain. The resort is linked with the neighbouring ski areas of Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo, offering a vast selection of runs for all skiing levels.

With an efficient lift system and beautiful tree-lined runs, Folgarida is a great choice for families and groups with mixed ability levels. This guide will help you discover the best that Folgarida has to offer.

Folgarida Ski Area

The Folgarida ski area is divided into two main sectors; Folgarida and Marilleva, both offering direct access to the slopes from the resort. The overall ski area is composed of 74 runs; 25% are blue, 67% red and 8% black.

Beginner Skiing in Folgarida

For those new to skiing, Folgarida offers a range of beginner-friendly slopes. The resort has two main nursery slopes, located at the base of the resort near the main gondola station. As you gain confidence, venture onto the gentle blue runs like the Belvedere and the Malghet Aut, which offer stunning views of the Dolomites.

Intermediate Skiing in Folgarida

Folgarida is an intermediate skier’s paradise, with a multitude of red runs threading through the forested slopes. The Marilleva area offers some perfect intermediate terrain, with the Orso Bruno and the Copai-Panciana being standout runs. If you’re looking for a longer run, the Direttissima Folgarida, a 3km long red run, offers a thrilling descent with panoramic views.

Advanced Skiing in Folgarida

Advanced skiers will find plenty of challenges in Folgarida. The resort boasts several steep black runs, including the Nera Folgarida and the Nera di Malghet. For an extra thrilling experience, the Nera degli Alberi, a challenging black run through the trees, is a must-try.

Off-piste Skiing in Folgarida

Folgarida offers a few off-piste opportunities for those seeking an adrenaline rush. The resort is known for its tree skiing, and the area between the Folgarida and Marilleva sectors offers some excellent off-piste terrain. The Val Meledrio, accessed from the Grosté gondola, is a popular off-piste route, offering a 1,000m vertical drop. As with any off-piste activity, it is important to hire a local guide or instructor who is familiar with the area and can ensure your safety.

Folgarida Snowpark

For freestyle enthusiasts, Folgarida has a well-maintained snowpark located on the Malghet Aut slope. The park has a variety of features suitable for all ability levels, including jumps, rails and boxes.


With its reliable snow conditions, diverse terrain and scenic beauty, Folgarida stands as a great skiing destination for all levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn, an intermediate skier wanting to advance your skills, or an expert seeking thrilling off-piste adventures, Folgarida has it all. Enjoy your trip, and don’t forget to enjoy the stunning Dolomite views!

Book Ski Lessons in Folgarida with Maison Sport

Folgarida is a wonderful resort that caters to all types of skiers. To make the most of your trip, consider booking an instructor who can help you discover the best runs for your skill level and enhance your experience on the slopes!