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Flachau is a charming resort which is part of the extensive Ski Amadé network in the Salzburg region of Austria. Positioned at 920m altitude, it is linked to the neighbouring resorts of Wagrain and St. Johann, resulting in an impressive 760km of skiable terrain. Flachau is known for its well-groomed pistes, efficient lift system, and snow reliability thanks to its Snow Space Salzburg location, making it a popular choice for skiers. Here’s our comprehensive guide to skiing in Flachau.

Flachau Ski Area

Flachau’s ski area is divided into three main zones: Starjet, Achterjet, and Spacejet. Starjet, located closest to the village, is a good starting point for beginners and families, while Achterjet and Spacejet offer more challenging terrain for intermediate and advanced skiers. The ski area in Flachau boasts 120 runs, with 8% green, 45% blue, 37% red and 10% black.

Beginner Skiing in Flachau

Despite its vast size, Flachau is a great resort for beginners, offering several nursery slopes and gentle runs that are perfect for those just starting out. The resort has easy-to-access beginner lifts, including the Starjet 1 and the Spacejet 1. For beginners ready to progress, the blue runs on the Starjet area, such as the Ennskrax and the Pistenflitzer, are ideal. As a beginner, you might find the slopes back to the resort a little challenging, so consider taking the lift down if you’re still building your confidence.

Intermediate Skiing in Flachau

Flachau truly shines for intermediate skiers, providing a variety of blue and red runs to explore. The Achterjet area offers some excellent, wide blue runs like the Panorama and the Zeitmessstrecke. For more of a challenge, intermediate skiers can try the red runs on the Starjet area, such as the Waidmannalm and the Hoamfohrer. The ski circuit from Flachau to Wagrain and back, which includes the G-link connection, is a must-do for any intermediate skier.

Advanced Skiing in Flachau

Although Flachau is not known for its black runs, it still offers a variety of steep and challenging pistes for advanced skiers. The black run on the Starjet area, the Hermann Maier FIS, is a World Cup downhill course and is an exciting challenge for any advanced skier. The off-piste possibilities in the trees between the pistes also provide a thrilling experience for advanced skiers.

Off-piste Skiing in Flachau

While Flachau may not be renowned as an off-piste destination, it does provide some adventurous off-piste opportunities for those willing to explore. Between the pistes, there are tree runs and powder fields which offer some excellent off-piste skiing. Always remember to hire a local guide if venturing off-piste, and ensure you have the right equipment and knowledge to stay safe.

Snow Parks in Flachau

Flachau is home to the Absolut Park, one of the largest and best snow parks in Europe. With over 100 obstacles spread over 1.5km, it is a paradise for freestyle skiers and snowboarders. The park is divided into various sections to cater to different skill levels, and it even has its own chairlift.


Flachau offers a fantastic skiing experience for all levels, with a great variety of runs, off-piste opportunities, and a world-class snow park. With its charming village atmosphere, and extensive skiable terrain, Flachau is a resort that truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner looking to gain confidence, an intermediate seeking new challenges, or an advanced skier seeking adrenaline-filled runs, Flachau won’t disappoint.

Regardless of your skiing ability, Flachau has something to offer everyone. To ensure you make the most of your trip, we recommend booking a local instructor who can guide you to the best runs suited to your skill level and enhance your overall skiing experience.