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Engelberg is a resort offering captivating skiing experiences. Positioned at 1,000m, this Swiss resort is part of the Engelberg-Titlis ski area, it has 82km of skiable terrain and is recognised for its typically excellent snow quality throughout the winter season. Engelberg also has an impressive glacier, the Titlis Glacier, enabling all-year skiing up to 3,020m, and presenting stunning views across the Engelberg Valley.

With a vast and effective lift system, Engelberg provides a plethora of terrain to explore. While it is particularly suited to intermediate and advanced skiers, it also offers a variety of runs for beginners.

Engelberg Ski Area

The Engelberg Ski Area comprises mainly of two key areas; Brunni and Titlis, both accessible directly from the town centre. Engelberg’s ski area consists of 28 runs, of which 20% are blue, 40% red and 40% black.

Beginner Skiing in Engelberg

Engelberg may be renowned as a resort for advanced skiers, but it also offers a range of nursery slopes and gentle runs for beginners. The excellent snow conditions are an asset for those new to the sport, and there are two primary nursery slopes, one in the village and one at the top of the Brunni lift. Once you have mastered the nursery slopes, beginners can progress to the blue runs, such as Gerschni and Yeti Park. Skiing back down to the resort can be challenging for beginners, so it is recommended to use the lifts if you’re still building confidence.

Intermediate Skiing in Engelberg

Engelberg is a fantastic resort for intermediate skiers looking to enhance their skills, with numerous red runs to explore. The Brunni area is ideal for intermediate skiers, with several wide, sweeping red runs like Ristis. For advanced intermediate skiers, Titlis area offers a variety of exciting runs, including Stand and Galtiberg, a thrilling 12km run that is a must for any proficient skier. Always remember, the grading system in Engelberg can be more challenging compared to other Swiss resorts.

Advanced Skiing in Engelberg

Engelberg offers some spectacular runs for advanced skiers. With 40% black runs, the resort has an abundance of challenging terrain. The most famous run often referred to as the ‘Big 5’ includes Laub, Steinberg, Steintäli, Sulz and Galtiberg. These runs are renowned for their challenging descents, with Galtiberg offering a vertical drop of 2000m.

Off-piste Skiing in Engelberg

Engelberg is a paradise for advanced skiers, offering some of the best off-piste skiing in Switzerland. From steep descents to snowy valleys, there is an abundance of off-piste terrain to explore. The Laub is a favourite among experienced skiers, renowned for its 1200m vertical drop. Always remember, when skiing off-piste, it is vital to hire a local guide or instructor who can ensure your safety.


Engelberg is a resort that caters to all levels of skiers, with something for everyone. To enhance your skiing experience, we recommend booking an instructor who can guide you to the best runs for your ability level.

Book an expert ski instructor/guide in Engelberg today and make the most of your trip!