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Damüls-Mellau, situated at an altitude of 1,430m, is a popular ski resort, forming part of the Bregenzerwald ski area. The resort offers a total of 109 km of skiable terrain, making it one of the most extensive ski areas in the Vorarlberg region of Austria. The resort has a reliable snow record and a broad range of skiing options for all abilities. This blog post will provide a detailed guide to skiing in Damüls-Mellau.

Damüls-Mellau Ski Area

The Damüls-Mellau ski area comprises two main parts; Damüls and Mellau. Damüls, being the higher of the two areas, offers a wider range of runs and is best suited for intermediate and advanced skiers. Mellau, on the other hand, provides a more relaxed skiing experience with a higher proportion of easier runs. The ski area consists of 29 lifts, 109 km of pistes, with 30% being blue, 60% red, and 10% black.

Beginner Skiing in Damüls-Mellau

Despite its reputation as an intermediate to advanced resort, Damüls-Mellau offers a selection of beginner-friendly runs. Mellau’s Sunnegg and Hasenbühel are two areas particularly suitable for beginners, offering gentle slopes for practising turns and building confidence. Once beginners have gained a solid foundation, the blue runs from the top of the Mellaubahn cable car provide the perfect progression.

Intermediate Skiing in Damüls-Mellau

Damüls-Mellau is a dream resort for intermediate skiers. The majority of runs are red, providing a great opportunity for skiers to challenge themselves and improve their technique. From Damüls, the red runs leading down to the Uga Express and Sunnegg lifts are particularly enjoyable, offering excellent snow and beautiful views. From Mellau, the red runs from the Mellaubahn and Gipfelbahn offer a thrilling descent back to the village.

Advanced Skiing in Damüls-Mellau

For the advanced skiers, Damüls-Mellau offers a selection of challenging black runs. The Hohe Licht run, accessed from the top of the Uga Express, is a thrilling black run offering a steep descent and stunning views over Damüls. The Wildgunten black run in Mellau, accessed from the top of the Gipfelbahn, provides a challenging descent with some natural moguls to navigate.

Off-piste Skiing in Damüls-Mellau

For those who prefer to venture off-piste, Damüls-Mellau offers a wide variety of terrain to explore. The area around the Suttisalpe chairlift in Damüls is a favourite for off-piste skiing, offering a selection of steep and challenging routes. In Mellau, the off-piste area below the Gipfelbahn provides a thrilling descent through untouched snow. Always remember to hire a local guide when venturing off-piste to ensure your safety.

Snowparks in Damüls-Mellau

For freestyle enthusiasts, the Snowpark Damüls located near the Uga Express, offers a variety of jumps, boxes and rails, suitable for all levels.


No matter your skiing ability, Damüls-Mellau has something to offer everyone. From gentle beginner slopes to challenging off-piste terrain, it’s a fantastic resort to explore and to improve your skiing skills. Whether you’re a first-time skier or a seasoned pro, Damüls-Mellau provides a memorable skiing experience in the heart of the Austrian Alps.