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Chatel is a charming, traditional resort known for its picturesque setting and an impressive ski area. Sitting at 1,200m in the heart of the Portes du Soleil ski domain, Chatel offers 650km of interconnected skiing, making it one of the largest ski areas in the world. Chatel is linked to the Swiss resort of Morgins and the French resort of Avoriaz, providing a variety of terrain to explore. With its welcoming atmosphere and fantastic skiing, Chatel is a favourite amongst beginners and seasoned skiers alike.

Chatel Ski Area

Chatel’s ski area is split into two main sectors; Super-Chatel and Linga/Pre-la-Joux. Both areas can be conveniently accessed from the village centre. Chatel’s ski area consists of 83 runs, with 5% green, 14% blue, 31% red and 50% black.

Beginner Skiing in Chatel

Chatel is a fantastic spot for beginners, providing a variety of gentle slopes to get started on. The Super-Chatel area, accessible via a gondola from the village, is home to several wide and forgiving green slopes perfect for first-timers. The ski school meeting point is also based in this area, making it a convenient starting point. Once you’ve gained some confidence, the blue runs such as La Leiche and Les Portes du Soleil offer a more challenging but manageable step up.

Intermediate Skiing in Chatel

For intermediate skiers, Chatel is a dream. With a significant proportion of red runs and plenty of blue runs to warm up on, there’s much to keep you entertained. The Linga/Pre-la-Joux area is where more confident skiers should head, with a wealth of red and blue runs to explore. One of the most popular runs for intermediate skiers is the red piste Rubis. This 2km long run is a delight to cruise down, with its wide-open spaces and consistent gradient. The blue run Les Combes is another must-ski. This scenic run offers stunning views across the valley and is an enjoyable descent for most intermediate skiers.

Advanced Skiing in Chatel

Chatel has ample offerings for advanced skiers. With half of its ski area designated as black runs, there’s plenty of challenging terrain to test your skills on. The black run Les Marmottes is a must-try, descending steeply from the top of the Morclan lift. This ungroomed piste will challenge you with its moguls and steep sections. For those seeking a truly thrilling run, the black piste Le Mur Suisse, known as “The Swiss Wall”, is one of the most feared descents in the Alps. This run is not for the faint-hearted, with an average gradient of 40% and sections with a gradient of up to 50%!

Off-piste Skiing in Chatel

Chatel is not just a paradise for piste skiers; it’s also a haven for off-piste skiing. The Portes du Soleil area offers a wealth of off-piste opportunities. One of the most popular off-piste routes is the Pas de Chavanette, also known as “The Swiss Wall”. This ungroomed run is steep and challenging, often littered with moguls and is a must-try for any expert skier visiting Chatel. When venturing off-piste, always ensure you have the necessary safety equipment and consider hiring a local guide who knows the area well.


Chatel is a gem in the French Alps, offering world-class skiing and a charming village atmosphere. From gentle beginner slopes to challenging off-piste runs, there’s something for every level of skier. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore this fantastic resort.

Book Ski Lessons in Chatel with Maison Sport

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an advanced skier seeking new challenges, Chatel has something for everyone. To make the most of your trip, we recommend booking an instructor who can help you discover the best runs to suit your skill level and enhance your experience on the slopes!