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Carezza is a hidden gem in the Dolomites, offering a unique balance of charming atmosphere and exceptional skiing. Positioned at 1,620m, this high-altitude resort is part of the Dolomiti Superski area, offering 175km of skiable terrain and is renowned for its consistent snowfall. Carezza also boasts a sun-drenched location, guaranteeing skiers stunning views and pleasant weather.

With a comprehensive lift system and connections to other resorts such as Obereggen, there’s a wealth of terrain to explore. Ideal for beginner and intermediate skiers, Carezza provides a variety of runs, off-piste skiing and even a snowpark. Discover our comprehensive guide to skiing in Carezza.

Carezza Ski Area

The ski area in Carezza is divided into three main sections; Laurin, Tschein, and Paolina, all easily accessible from the town centre. The ski area in Carezza comprises 41 runs, of which 30% are blue, 60% red and 10% black.

Beginner Skiing in Carezza

Despite being lesser-known, Carezza is an excellent resort for beginners. The resort is home to several nursery slopes and wide, forgiving runs for new skiers. The snow conditions are ideal for beginners, with two primary nursery slopes in the village and at the top of the Laurin lift. After mastering the basics, novices can explore easy areas such as the Pra di Tori and Nova Levante. The lower runs in Carezza are less challenging, making the descent back to the resort less daunting for beginners. Additionally, Carezza boasts top-notch ski instructors who can guide beginners to suitable areas and help enhance their skiing technique swiftly.

Intermediate Skiing in Carezza

Carezza is a haven for intermediate skiers seeking to refine their skills. With a plethora of blue and red runs, there are countless opportunities for intermediate skiers to challenge themselves. The Tschein area features wide, beautifully groomed blue runs, perfect for building confidence at higher speeds. For those looking for a bit more of a challenge, the red runs leading down to Nova Levante are perfect. The Moseralm run is a local favourite, offering stunning views and a thrilling descent. While the grading system in Carezza is considered more forgiving than other resorts, skiers should still be mindful of their abilities when choosing their routes.

Advanced Skiing in Carezza

For advanced skiers, Carezza offers a variety of challenging red and black runs. One of the most notable runs in Carezza is the black Preuss run, named after the legendary ski racer Gustav Th̦ni. This demanding run offers a 63% gradient and a thrilling 700m vertical descent. Another popular run is the red Nigra РCatinaccio, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Dolomites. The long, steep descent is sure to satisfy any thrill-seeking skier.

Off-piste Skiing in Carezza

Carezza also offers a thrilling off-piste skiing experience. From exhilarating tree runs to untouched snowfields, there is plenty of off-piste terrain to discover. The most popular off-piste area in Carezza is the Rosegarden, offering skilled skiers an exciting and demanding descent. Another favoured off-piste run is the Tschein – Paolina, which offers a challenging 1000m vertical drop! Safety is paramount when skiing off-piste, so we recommend hiring an experienced local guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable off-piste experience.

Snowpark in Carezza

Carezza is not just about skiing and snowboarding. The resort also features a snowpark, the King Laurin Snowpark. With its variety of jumps, rails and boxes, it’s the perfect place for freestyle enthusiasts to show off their skills or for beginners to try something new.


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert skier, Carezza has something for everyone. With its range of slopes, off-piste areas and a fun-filled snowpark, it’s a resort that guarantees an unforgettable skiing experience. For the best experience, we recommend hiring a local ski instructor who can guide you to the most suitable runs based on your skill level and ensure you make the most of your skiing holiday in Carezza.