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Canazei di Fassa is a charming Italian resort located at an elevation of 1,465m. As part of the Dolomiti Superski area, it provides access to an impressive 1,200km of skiable terrain across 12 ski regions, with remarkable views of the Sella Ronda massif and the Marmolada glacier.

With a comprehensive lift system connected to the neighbouring resorts of Val di Fassa and Campitello di Fassa, Canazei offers a diverse range of skiing opportunities. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned expert, our guide to skiing in Canazei di Fassa is sure to help you get the most out of your trip.

Canazei di Fassa Ski Area

The ski area in Canazei di Fassa comprises 68 runs, with 40% blue runs, 45% red runs and 15% black runs. The resort also hosts a snowpark for adrenaline junkies, and the Sella Ronda circuit is easily accessible, providing a thrilling 26km tour of the stunning Dolomites.

Beginner Skiing in Canazei di Fassa

Canazei di Fassa is an ideal location for beginners, offering lots of gentle slopes. The ski area around the village of Alba, just a short bus ride away, provides a selection of wide, gentle blue runs perfect for beginners. The Pradel Plateau also offers a quiet, easy-going environment where beginners can practice their skills. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can venture onto the longer blue runs such as the 3km-long Paolina run.

Intermediate Skiing in Canazei di Fassa

Intermediate skiers are well catered for in Canazei di Fassa. The Belvedere area above the village offers a variety of fun-filled red runs. The Col Rodella, easily accessible from Canazei, provides a selection of challenging red runs as well as access to the famous Sella Ronda circuit. We recommend the Gran Risa run, which hosts the annual World Cup Giant Slalom race. With its demanding terrain and fantastic views, it’s a must on every intermediate skier’s checklist.

Advanced Skiing in Canazei di Fassa

Canazei di Fassa has a lot to offer advanced skiers. The Marmolada glacier, the highest peak in the Dolomites, is home to the challenging La Bellunese run. This 12km-long black run offers a thrilling descent with a vertical drop of over 1,800m. The Pordoi Pass is another hotspot for advanced skiers, with its steep, challenging black runs such as the Pista del Pordoi and Pista Aloch.

Off-piste Skiing in Canazei di Fassa

Canazei di Fassa offers a variety of off-piste skiing options. The Val Mesdi, nestled in the Sella Ronda massif, is one of the most renowned off-piste routes in the Dolomites. The Marmolada glacier also provides several off-piste opportunities, including the legendary Malga Ciapela run. Remember to hire a local guide or instructor when venturing off-piste to ensure your safety and enjoyment.


Canazei di Fassa is a true gem in the heart of the Dolomites. With its varied terrain, stunning scenery and charming village atmosphere, it offers a unique skiing experience for skiers of all abilities. Whether you’re carving up the beginner slopes, tackling the challenging black runs or exploring the vast off-piste terrain, Canazei di Fassa promises an unforgettable skiing experience.

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