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Campo Felice is an enticing resort with an engaging atmosphere and remarkable skiing opportunities. Located at 1,664m, this medium-altitude resort provides access to the magnificent Sirente-Velino Regional Park, offering 40km of skiable terrain and is known for its reliable snow conditions. Campo Felice also features a snowpark, known as the Snowpark Campo Felice, providing an additional thrill for snowboarders and freestyle skiers.

With a well-organised and wide-ranging lift system, there is plenty of terrain to explore. Campo Felice caters to all levels of skiers, offering a variety of runs from beginner-friendly to thrilling black-diamond trails. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to skiing in Campo Felice.

Campo Felice Ski Area

The ski area in Campo Felice comprises three main areas; Baia, Campo Felice and Brecciara, all conveniently accessible from the resort centre. The ski area at Campo Felice consists of 24 runs, with 29% classified as easy, 54% intermediate, and 17% challenging.

Beginner Skiing in Campo Felice

Campo Felice offers an ideal environment for beginners. With a good selection of gentle nursery slopes and wide runs, beginners can comfortably learn and practice their skiing skills. Notable beginner-friendly areas include the Baia and Campo Felice sections. The resort provides excellent ski instructors who can guide beginners to the most suitable areas and aid in their swift progress.

Intermediate Skiing in Campo Felice

Campo Felice is a brilliant resort for intermediate skiers, with an abundance of blue and red runs to explore. The Brecciara area is a fantastic spot for intermediate-level skiers, offering a variety of exciting blue and red runs. Our top pick for intermediate skiers is the Brecciara run, a scenic and enjoyable red run with beautiful views over the Sirente-Velino Regional Park.

Advanced Skiing in Campo Felice

Campo Felice offers a rewarding experience for advanced skiers. With about 17% of runs classified as black, there’s an exciting array of challenging terrain to conquer. The most famous run in Campo Felice is probably the Direttissima, an exhilarating black run that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Another challenging run is the Canalone, which boasts a steep incline and is renowned for its thrilling descents.

Off-piste Skiing in Campo Felice

For those looking for an off-piste adventure, Campo Felice offers several areas to explore. The area around the Brecciara lift is particularly popular for off-piste skiing, providing a wide expanse of untouched snow. As with all off-piste skiing, it’s essential to hire a local guide or instructor to ensure safety and make the most out of the experience.

Snowpark in Campo Felice

Campo Felice is also home to a vibrant snowpark. The Snowpark Campo Felice offers a variety of kickers, boxes, and rails that cater to both beginners and advanced freestyle skiers and snowboarders.

Book Ski Lessons in Campo Felice with Maison Sport

Whatever your skill level, Campo Felice provides opportunities for every kind of skier. To fully enjoy your trip, we recommend booking an instructor who can guide you to the best runs for your ability and enhance your time on the slopes!


Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn, an intermediate skier ready to push your skills, or an advanced skier seeking thrilling black runs and off-piste adventures, Campo Felice has something for everyone. With its diverse terrain, reliable snow conditions, and vibrant snowpark, Campo Felice is an excellent choice for a memorable ski holiday.