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Situated at 1,100m, Bugnenets is a charming Swiss resort that forms part of the Pre-Alps Vaudoises ski area. With the top elevation reaching up to 1,400m, the resort is renowned for its excellent snow coverage and offers 30km of skiable terrain. Bugnenets provides a delightful skiing experience that caters to skiers of all levels, from beginners to advanced. It also offers a snowpark for snowboarding enthusiasts and several off-piste skiing opportunities. Here is a comprehensive guide to skiing in Bugnenets.

Bugnenets Ski Area

The Bugnenets ski area is divided into three main zones: Le Pissot, La Joux and Les Monts. These zones can all be accessed from the village centre. Out of the 30km of piste, 16% are blue, 50% red, and 34% black. This variety ensures there’s something for every skier, no matter their ability.

Beginner Skiing in Bugnenets

Bugnenets offers plenty of gentle slopes ideal for beginners. The resort’s excellent snow conditions enhance the learning experience, and there are two main beginner areas, one at the base station and one halfway up at La Joux. As beginners gain confidence, they can progress to the gentle blue runs such as Piste Bleue du Pissot and Piste Bleue de La Joux which provide wider areas for practice. Bugnenets also boasts professional ski instructors who can guide beginners and help them develop their technique.

Intermediate Skiing in Bugnenets

For intermediate skiers, Bugnenets presents a wide array of blue and red runs that are perfect for honing skills. The La Joux area has a variety of wide, rolling blue runs like Piste Bleue de La Joux, which are ideal for intermediate skiers seeking to improve their carving skills. The red runs in the Le Pissot area provide more of a challenge, with Piste Rouge du Pissot being a favourite amongst intermediate skiers.

Advanced Skiing in Bugnenets

Advanced skiers will find a wealth of challenging black runs in Bugnenets. The Les Monts area is home to the resort’s most difficult runs, such as the Piste Noire des Monts. This challenging run offers a thrilling experience with its steep inclines and sharp turns. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the Piste Noire de La Joux is another must-try. It’s a steep, fast run that will test even the most seasoned skier.

Off-piste Skiing in Bugnenets

Bugnenets is known for its excellent off-piste skiing opportunities. The vast open area above Les Monts is a favourite amongst experienced skiers. The steep slopes and natural features provide a thrilling descent, offering a fantastic adventure off the beaten track. When planning to venture off-piste, it’s crucial to engage a local guide or instructor who can ensure safety and guide you to the best spots.

Snowpark in Bugnenets

For snowboarders and freestyle skiers, Bugnenets offers a dedicated snowpark. The park is equipped with jumps, boxes, and rails suitable for all levels, making it an exciting playground for tricks and jumps.


Bugnenets is a remarkable ski resort that presents a wide range of skiing opportunities for all levels. From gentle beginner slopes to thrilling black runs and off-piste adventures, there’s something to suit everyone. Add in the dedicated snowpark and professional ski instruction, and you have all the ingredients for an unforgettable skiing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a complete beginner, Bugnenets has something to offer you. So why wait? Start planning your Bugnenets skiing adventure today!

Book Ski Lessons in Bugnenets with Maison Sport

With a diverse range of runs and excellent facilities, Bugnenets is the perfect destination for all skiers. To maximise your experience, we recommend booking a ski instructor who can guide you to the best runs for your skill level and provide expert tuition.