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Bormio, sitting at 1,225m, is one of Italy’s classic mountain resorts, celebrated for its great skiing and rich history. The resort, part of the Alta Valtellina ski area, offers 50km of skiable terrain, with a diverse range of runs suited to all abilities. The resort reaches up to 3,012m and promises captivating views of the Lombardy region.

Bormio’s modern and effective lift system, alongside its connection to Santa Caterina and San Colombano, makes for an expansive terrain to explore. The resort caters to all levels of skiers, from beginners to experts, with its combination of gentle runs, thrilling slopes, and off-piste skiing areas.

Bormio Ski Area

The Bormio ski area is divided into three main sectors; Bormio 2000, Bormio 3000, and Stelvio. All of these areas can be accessed directly from the town centre. Bormio offers 36 ski runs, with 30% being blue, 45% red, and 25% black.

Beginner Skiing in Bormio

Bormio, despite being known for its challenging slopes, offers a variety of gentle runs perfect for beginners. The resort has typically excellent snow conditions and has two primary nursery slopes in Bormio 2000. Once beginners gain more confidence and advance from the nursery slopes, they can explore designated beginner areas such as Genziana and Nevada.

Intermediate Skiing in Bormio

Bormio is an ideal resort for intermediate skiers looking to challenge themselves and enhance their skills. The resort offers a range of blue and red runs, with the Stelvio area being particularly suited to intermediate skiers due to its vast array of diverse slopes. A highlight for intermediate skiers is the Stelvio slope, a famous World Cup downhill course that descends for 3km, providing a fantastic opportunity for intermediates to test their skills.

Advanced Skiing in Bormio

Bormio is a paradise for advanced skiers, with its challenging terrain and steep descents. One of the main attractions for advanced skiers is the Betulle run, a challenging black slope with a 65% incline that provides a thrilling and adrenaline-filled experience. Another popular run is the Vallone, known for its challenging moguls and steep sections.

Off-piste Skiing in Bormio

Bormio offers an excellent off-piste skiing experience, with its high altitude and steady snowfall providing perfect conditions. The Vallecetta Mountain is a favourite among off-piste enthusiasts, as it offers numerous off-piste routes with epic descents. However, to ensure safety, a local ski guide is recommended while venturing off-piste.

Snowparks in Bormio

For those who love freestyle skiing or snowboarding, Bormio offers an impressive snow park located in the Bormio 2000 area. The park features several jumps and rails, suitable for both beginners and more advanced freestylers.


With its diverse terrain, excellent snow conditions, and rich history, Bormio is a gem of the Italian Alps, offering something for every skier. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn, an intermediate skier wanting to improve, or an advanced skier seeking adrenaline-filled runs, Bormio has it all.