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Besse Super Besse is a captivating resort with a lively atmosphere and phenomenal skiing terrain. Located at an altitude of 1,350m, this high-altitude resort forms part of the Massif Central ski area, offering 43km of skiable terrain and is famous for its consistent snowfall. Besse Super Besse also has its own snowpark, providing a fun and exciting playground for freestyle enthusiasts.

Featuring an efficient and comprehensive lift system, there is ample terrain to discover. Suitable for all levels of skiers, Besse Super Besse offers diverse runs, intriguing off-piste skiing areas and a snowpark.

Besse Super Besse Ski Area

The ski area in Besse Super Besse is divided into two main sectors; Perdrix and Bois de la Tour, both of which can be accessed directly from the resort centre. The ski area consists of 27 runs, of which 45% are green, 30% blue, 15% red and 10% black.

Beginner Skiing in Besse Super Besse

Despite its reputation for challenging slopes, Besse Super Besse offers plenty of gentle runs and nursery slopes apt for beginners. There are two main nursery areas, one in the village and one at the top of the Perdrix lift. As beginners progress, there are designated areas to explore, such as Clairière and Prairie. The excellent ski instructors in Besse Super Besse can guide beginners to the most suitable areas, helping them to quickly improve their skiing technique.

Intermediate Skiing in Besse Super Besse

Besse Super Besse is an excellent choice for intermediate skiers wanting to push their limits and advance their skills. The Perdrix area is perfect for lower-intermediate skiers, with a variety of wide, gentle blues to glide along. More advanced intermediates should head to the Bois de la Tour area and ski down to Super Besse. The red piste, Fougère, offers an exhilarating ride for intermediate skiers, with its diverse terrain and stunning views. Remember, the grading system in Besse Super Besse is more challenging compared to other French resorts, so plan your routes accordingly.

Advanced Skiing in Besse Super Besse

Besse Super Besse is a prime resort for advanced skiers, with an array of challenging terrain to explore. The black run, Puy Ferrand, is the most challenging piste in the resort, offering a steep descent with a 75% gradient. It’s recommended to tackle this piste in the morning before it becomes icy in the afternoon. For an extra challenge, head to the mogul field on the Faucon piste for a thrilling descent.

Off-piste Skiing in Besse Super Besse

Besse Super Besse is a paradise for advanced skiers, offering some of the best lift-served off-piste skiing. The off-piste area, Vallée de Chaudefour, offers a thrilling descent with a vertical drop of 800m. Always remember to hire a local guide or instructor when venturing off-piste to stay safe. Explore local guides in Besse Super Besse on Maison Sport.

Snowpark in Besse Super Besse

Besse Super Besse is home to a fantastic snowpark, perfect for those who love freestyle skiing or snowboarding. The park features a variety of jumps, rails and boxes suitable for all levels, making it a fun addition to any ski trip.


Besse Super Besse offers an excellent mix of skiing for all abilities and a great snowpark for freestyle enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills, an intermediate wanting to tackle new challenges, or an advanced skier seeking thrilling off-piste terrain, Besse Super Besse has something to offer. Experience the best of this French resort with a Maison Sport instructor to guide you.

Book Ski Lessons in Besse Super Besse with Maison Sport

Regardless of your ability, Besse Super Besse has something for every type of skier. To enhance your experience, we recommend booking an instructor who can guide you to the best runs for your skill level.